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Statements from Philippine revolutionary organizations from June 7 to July 25, 2007
July 25, 2007, 12:15 pm
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1. Clear signals that GRP is not interested in peace negotiations with the NDFP . Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, National Democratic Front of the Philippines Chief Political Consultant. July 20, 2007. There are at least four clear signals that the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) under Arroyo is not really interested in resuming the formal talks in peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). In fact, the GRP has exposed its bad faith and malicious intent by such signals. First, the extrajudicial killings, abductions, torture, forced displacement of millions of people and other human rights violations by the GRP military, police and death squads continue unabated. The findings and recommendations by the UN special rapporteurs, human rights organizations, churches and the Supreme Court-initiated summit are not dissuading the Arroyo regime from continuing human rights violations. Instead, the GRP is revving up its killing and kidnapping machinery under the license provided by the Anti-Terrorism Act (Human Security Act of 2007). This oppressive law of state terrorism is aimed at killing the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

Second, the GRP has demanded through cabinet members Eduardo Ermita and Norberto Gonzales and AFP chief of staff General Hermogenes Esperon that the NDFP yield to a three-year ceasefire that amounts to the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary forces and people and diverts attention from the urgent necessity of addressing the roots of the armed conflict through social, economic and political reforms. Such a demand for capitulation violates The Hague Joint Declaration and ignores the just and reasonable demand of the NDFP that there be a ceasefire based on certain binding principles stated in its proposal for a Concise Agreement for Immediate Just Peace.

Third, the GRP continues to spread the lie that the NDFP is demanding that the GRP compel the US and other foreign governments remove the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) and the NDFP chief political consultant from the so-called terrorist blacklist. How can a puppet government compel its imperialist masters? All that the NDFP demands as a minimum is for the GRP and NDFP to make a joint statement against the “terrorist” listing of the aforesaid. This is a very small reasonable demand, especially because it was the GRP that had lobbied and continues to lobby with the foreign governments for the blacklisting.

Fourth, the GRP is demanding through pro-Arroyo Rep. Antonio Cuenco that the NDFP chief political consultant go to the Philippines in order to head the negotiations of the NDFP with the GRP in Manila. Such a demand is calculated to destroy the longstanding agreement to hold the peace negotiations in a foreign neutral venue and other agreements embodied in The Hague Joint Declaration and the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees.

It is also calculated to put the NDFP personnel, allies and friends under the deadly pressure of the reactionary armed forces and police and their death squads that with impunity conduct surveillance, kidnappings and assassinations in the Philippines. Rep. Cuenco should be reminded of the killing of NDFP personnel, allies and friends after the breakdown of peace talks in Manila in 1987 and the recent killings and abductions of NDFP consultants under the current Arroyo regime.

In view of the foregoing signals, it is clear that the Arroyo regime is merely pretending to be interested in the resumption of the formal talks in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. In the meanest of terms, General Esperon has declared that the regime is merely interested in the destruction and pacification of the revolutionary forces through military force or their pacification under the pressure of military force and systematic human rights violations.

The Arroyo regime has no interest at all in addressing the root causes of the civil war through social, economic and political reforms. Under the circumstances, the revolutionary forces and people cannot slacken their vigilance, resolve and militancy in the struggle for national liberation and democracy. ###

2. A neutral foreign venue for formal peace talks wisely agreed upon by GRP and NDFP. Luis G. Jalandoni, Chairperson, Negotiating Panel, National Democratic Front of the Philippines. July 20, 2007. Rep. Antonio Cuenco may be well-meaning. But he shows his lack of knowledge of the GRP-NDFP peace agreements when he proposes that Prof. Jose Maria Sison go to the Philippines for peace talks and that the peace talks be held there.

In 1995, during the presidency of Fidel V. Ramos, the GRP and the NDFP agreed on a neutral foreign venue for the formal peace negotiations. This provision is contained in the Joint Agreement for Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) signed in February 1995 and approved by the Principals of both Parties in the same year.

This wise provision agreed upon by both Parties is consistent with the practice of other armed conflicts, such as those between the GRP and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Holding of formal talks in the Philippines and Prof. Jose Maria Sison’s going back to the Philippines would violate this basic agreement for a neutral foreign venue. It would lead to the danger of scrapping other fundamental agreements achieved since 1992 up to 2004.

It is not true that talks in the Philippines would be less expensive. There would be more expensive and dangerous movements of security forces on both sides for every meeting of the negotiating panels.

The NDFP has drawn valuable lessons from the peace talks held in Manila in late 1986 and early 1987. Upon the collapse of the peace talks after the Mendiola massacre of peasants demonstrating for genuine land reform in January 1987, many NDFP consultants and staff were arrested and killed. General Rafael Ileto boasted that the military’s intelligence stocks on the revolutionary movement had gone up significantly through surveillance. Such surveillance was strictly forbidden in the bilateral agreement between the GRP and the NDFP.

Hence, holding formal talks in the Philippines would open the NDFP to deadly pressure from the Arroyo government through surveillance and even more assassinations of NDFP personnel, staff and supporters.

3. How to resume formal talks and have ceasefire in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Chief Political Consultant. July 17, 2007. The Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) must address and resolve beforehand certain prejudicial questions raised by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in order to resume the formal talks in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. In this regard, the GRP must do the following:

  1. It must stop the extrajudicial killings, abductions, tortures, mass displacement of more than one million people and other human rights violations perpetrated by the reactionary armed forces.
  2. It must declare that it is against the “terrorist” blacklisting of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and the NDFP chief political consultant.
  3. It must indemnify the victims of human rights violations during the Marcos fascist regime.

If the GRP wants to have a ceasefire during the peace negotiations, it must come to terms with the NDFP on the basis of the 10-point Concise Agreement for an Immediate Just Peace proposed by the NDFP and must agree with the NDFP on how to accelerate the forging of comprehensive agreements on social, economic and political reforms in order to address the root causes of the armed conflict.

Through the Norwegian government, the NDFP Negotiating Panel has long informed the GRP that it is ready to engage in exploratory talks for the purpose of resolving the abovementioned prejudicial questions and agreeing on a ceasefire that does not mean the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary forces and people but on one that is based on clear binding principles and the adoption of a procedure for accelerating agreements on social, economic and political reforms.

Until now, the GRP has not made any serious response to the just and reasonable demands of the NDFP. What the NDFP hears from the GRP consists of psywar mouthed by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales and General Hermogenes Esperon. Through them, we get the message that the GRP merely wants to destroy the revolutionary movement of the people either through military force or through the surrender and pacification of the revolutionary forces and people.

The arrogant and insulting statements of the officials of the Arroyo regime, which are added to the rampant human rights violations, only serve to remind the broad masses of the people that the regime knows no bounds for oppressing and exploiting them and that they must intensify all forms of struggle for the realization of national liberation and democracy. ###

4. General Esperon’s ceasefire proposal is mere propaganda . Luis G. Jalandoni
Chairperson, Negotiating Panel, National Democratic Front of the Philippines.
July 17, 2007. General Hermogenes Esperon speaks with a forked tongue. He pretends to be for the resumption of peace talks but says his recommendation is “to crush the insurgency in forms of peace and negotiation.” So, his proposal for a three-year ceasefire as a precondition for the resumption of formal talks is mere cheap propaganda.

The NDFP is open to start exploratory talks aimed at addressing and resolving the extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, forced displacement of over a million people by GRP military operations, the unjust “terrorist listing” of the CPP, the NPA and the NDFP Chief Political Consultant and other prejudicial questions rightfully raised by the NDFP.

Such exploratory talks should aim at coming up with a joint statement of principles taking into consideration the NDFP Proposal of the Concise Agreement for an Immediate Just Peace. This would be an important step towards accelerated negotiations on the fundamental economic, social and political reforms for the benefit of the people. Such negotiations could be attended by a ceasefire.

General Hermogenes Esperon does not care to address the root causes of the armed conflict. He shows utter disrespect for GRP-NDFP peace agreements which stipulate addressing the roots of the armed conflict through fundamental economic, social and political reforms before coming to a prolonged ceasefire or cessation of hostilities.

He wants only the pacification of the revolutionary movement.

General Esperon continues to be in total self-denial about the extrajudicial killings which UN Special Rapporteur Prof. Philip Alston has declared “are convincingly attributed to the AFP”. His false claim that these killings are done by the revolutionary movement only shows his duplicity. ###

5. NDFP deplores the use of the Council of the European Union for persecuting Prof. Sison and sabotaging peace negotiations. Luis G. Jalandoni, Chairperson, Negotiating Panel, National Democratic Front of the Philippines.
July 16, 2007. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) deplores the fact that the Council of the European Union has persecuted Prof. Jose Maria Sison for more than four years by serially blacklisting as “terrorists” the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and the NDFP chief political consultant Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

The 11 July 2007 judgment of the European Court of First Instance (ECFI), which annuls the blacklisting of Prof. Sison and the punitive sanctions imposed on him, clearly rules that the Council of the EU has violated his right to defense, has failed to comply with the obligation to state reasons for the blacklisting and has infringed his right to effective judicial protection.

The ECFI has declared that the right to defense is a fundamental principle of community law in the European Union. The Council of the EU continues to violate the rights and freedoms of Prof. Sison by blacklisting him on 28 June 2007 on the basis of the same lies already debunked before the ECFI and without giving him a fair hearing.

The Council does not refer to any specific act of terrorism but makes the false blanket charge that Prof. Sison is culpable for terrorism by being allegedly chairman of the CPP and head of the NPA. The Council should pay attention to the 2 July 2007 ruling of the Supreme Court in the Philippines that has rendered null and void the charge that he is CPP chairman and NPA head and that he is liable for rebellion.

The highest Dutch administrative court Raad van State ruled in 1992 and 1995 that Prof. Sison is a political refugee under Article 1 A of the Refugee Convention and the Legal Uniformity Chamber (Rechtseenheidkamer, REK) ruled likewise in 1997. The Council of the EU should cease to misrepresent these Dutch court decisions on his asylum case as rulings that he is a “terrorist”.

By blacklisting as “terrorists” the CPP, NPA and Prof. Sison, the Council has unwittingly assisted the ultra-reactionary forces in the Philippines in sabotaging the peace negotiations between the NDFP and the Government of the Philippines (GRP) and in perpetrating gross and systematic human rights violations. These include the extrajudicial killing of more than 860 legal activists, the abduction of about 200 and the forced displacement of more than one million people under Oplan Bantay Laya I and II.

We demand that the Council of the EU stop the blacklisting of the CPP, NPA and Prof. Sison. It must give due respect to the CPP and NPA as forces of a genuine national liberation movement that are committed to uphold human rights and international humanitarian law. It must stop the persecution of Prof. Sison and give way to justice. Thus, the conditions can be improved for resuming the formal talks in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. ###

6. On the concerted hostile reactions of the Dutch Embassy and Arroyo regime. Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Chief Political Consultant.
July 15, 2007. The Dutch embassy in Manila and the officials of the Arroyo regime have concertedly expressed their hostile reaction to the 11 July 2007 judgment of the European Court of First Instance (ECFI) in Case T-47/03, Jose Maria Sison versus the Council of the European Union. They denigrate this judgment by insinuating that it amounts to nothing and has no bearing and effect on the decision of the Council that has retained me in the terrorist blacklist and has continued to impose sanctions on me since 28 June 2007.

The facts of the case covered by the ECFI judgment are mainly within the period from the Council’s first decision to include me in the blacklist on 28 October 2002 to the final public hearing on my case before the ECFI on 30 May 2006. This period covered the 29 May 2006 decision of the Council. Nevertheless, the issues resolved by the judgment are also involved in the 28 June 2007 decision of the Council of the EU. Therefore, the judgment has a direct bearing and effect on the aforesaid decision of the Council.

I advise the public and the press to visit the website of the ECFI to read accurately its 55-page judgment on my case. The ECFI judgment annuls what it could cover as the last of the serialized decisions of the Council of the EU to keep me in the terrorist blacklist and to impose unwarranted sanctions on me. It rules that the Council has violated my rights to defense, has failed to comply with the obligation to state reasons for blacklisting me and has violated my right to effective judicial protection.

The ECFI also orders the Council of the EU to bear the costs of the litigation that I have incurred as plaintiff and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) as intervener. It refrains from ordering the Council to compensate me for the termination of my social benefits (living allowance, health insurance, old age pension) and for moral and material damages, but it paves the way for me to claim these in The Netherlands or in further litigation at the European level.

The judgment of the ECFI is applicable to the Council Decision dated 28 June 2007 because this decision has exactly the same infirmities and is also violative of my rights as in the Council Decision dated 29 May 2006. The Council of the EU continues to violate my rights to defense and to effective judicial protection. Prior to its 28 June 2007 decision, the Council merely sent to me a letter dated 23 April 2007 repeating the same lies it had previously presented to the ECFI. I replied to this letter with observations dated 22 May 2007. The Council did not call me to any hearing before making its 28 June 2007 decision. It has not afforded me any kind of fair procedure. It has also evaded accountability for violating my rights for more than more four years already.

To this day I have never been called to any criminal investigation concerning any specific crime of terrorism. In Europe or anywhere else in the world, I have never been accused of committing any kind of crime before police authorities or the courts. In the Philippines, I have never been charged with the crime of terrorism. It is only on 15 July 2007 that the law on anti-terrorism is supposed to take effect and be implemented in the Philippines. And this oppressive law is now about to be contested before the Philippine Supreme Court for being violative of the bill of rights.

The hostile reactions of the Dutch embassy and the officials of the Arroyo regime to the favorable judgment that I have obtained from the ECFI reflect the arrogance, malice and viciousness of state authorities under the influence of the Bush war of terror in the draconian world of imperialist plunder, fascism and aggression. Behind the scenes the US, Dutch and Philippine governments are already prodding the Council of the European Union to circumvent or negate the ECFI judgment by ignoring it and further protracting the legal battle, while continuing to persecute me.

I speak from experience. I know how the Dutch government has prevented me from getting legal admittance and residence in the Netherlands despite my having been recognized as a political refugee by its own highest administrative court, the Raad van State or Council of State. The Dutch government is on record as the hyperactive pusher within the Council of the EU for my blacklisting as a “terrorist” and has gone so far as to distort and misrepresent the favorable judgments of the Raad van State on my asylum case in 1992 and 1995.

My lawyers and I demand that the Council of the EU respect and comply with the letter and spirit of the ECFI judgment. We anticipate that the Council would ignore our demand and would appeal the judgment on a question of law within the allowed period of two months. Such appeal would start another round of protracted legal struggle, unless the Court rules to shorten the process.

While the legal struggle goes on, I continue to be persecuted by being blacklisted and stigmatized by the Council as a “terrorist” and by being subjected to the violation of my fundamental rights and freedoms, to “civil death” (deprivation of economic means) similar to that in the ancient regime in France and to public incitement of hatred and violence against my person. However, I have already gained advantage by having won my case on 11 July 2007.

I call on all the people, parties, organizations and movements that have supported me in my legal and political struggle to defend my fundamental rights and freedom and to remain firm, vigilant and militant against the forces of imperialist plunder, fascism and aggression. These evil forces never get tired of exploiting and oppressing the people. They are always driven by their greed and bloodthirst to suppress those who fight for the national liberation of the oppressed peoples, democracy and social justice for the working people, development and world peace. We must continue to struggle for a new and better world. ###

7. Judgement of the European court of first instance is a victory for the cause of justice. Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Chief Political Consultant. July 13, 2007. The judgment of the European Court of First Instance (ECFI) annulling the decision of the Council of the European Union (EU) to put me in the “terrorist” blacklist is a victory for the cause of justice. It is not merely my personal victory. It is a victory for all the people, my panel of lawyers, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) as intervener and the International Committee Defend. They have resolutely and vigorously supported me and fought for justice against my persecution. I take this opportunity to thank all of them.

The 11 July 2007 ECFI judgment is applicable to the 28 June 2007 decision of the Council of the EU blacklisting me as a “terrorist” on the basis of the same false allegations and in violation of due process as in the 29 May 2006 decision. It rules that the Council of the EU has infringed my rights of defense, has failed to comply with the obligation to state the reasons for blacklisting me and has violated my right to judicial protection. It paves the way for me to demand compensation for the social benefits that I have been deprived of and for the moral and material damages inflicted on me. It requires the Council to pay the costs of the litigation incurred by me and the NDFP as intervener.

With the active collaboration of the US, Philippine and Dutch governments, the Council has accused me of the heinous crime of terrorism. But I have never been informed of any specific charge of terrorism and I have never been called to any criminal investigation, prosecution or trial involving any specific act of terrorism. Nevertheless, I have been serially and indefinitely listed and stigmatized as a “terrorist” for more than four years. My rights and freedoms have been violated. I have been unjustly subjected to sanctions that are in fact punitive (including the freezing of my bank account, prohibition from work and termination of social benefits) and to official incitement of public hatred and violence against my person and honor.

I have never committed any crime of terrorism and I have never been subjected to any criminal investigation for any act of terrorism. To make me appear as a “terrorist”, the Council of the EU has followed the US in claiming that I am the chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and head of the New People’s Army (NPA). It has misrepresented the revolutionary national liberation movement of the Filipino people as “terrorism”, even as the Philippine reactionary government is bound by the Hernandez political offense doctrine to charge the revolutionaries with rebellion.

The Council of the EU has also misrepresented the decisions of the Raad van State in 1992 and 1995 and the Rechtseenheidkamer in 1997, on questions of asylum and residence, as decisions finding me responsible for terrorism. In fact, all the aforesaid courts have recognized me as a refugee under Article 1 A of the Refugee Convention. The current propensity of certain European authorities to dish out lies and use punitive sanctions against refugees, migrant workers and people of color lays bare imperialist and fascist impulses.

In the Philippines, I have been repeatedly cleared of criminal charges. At the fall of the Marcos fascist regime in 1986, I was cleared of the charges of rebellion and subversion. In 1992 the charge of subversion that had been trumped up in 1988 was nullified. In 1994 the charge of multiple murder arising from the Plaza Miranda bombing was dismissed by the Manila prosecutors as something based on speculation. In 1998 the Philippine secretary of justice issued a certification that there were no pending criminal charges against me.

In 2003, the Arroyo regime started to fabricate charges of rebellion and common crimes against me. But in a recent decision early this month, the Philippine Supreme Court has rendered null and void the identical false allegations of rebellion against more than 50 accused, including the Batasan 6, some NDFP legal consultants and myself. The Arroyo regime can no longer recycle said allegations in any new charge of rebellion or terrorism under the newly-enacted Human Security Act (Anti-Terrorism Act).

The fact that the aforesaid Anti-Terrorism Act was signed into law only on March 6, 2007 and would become effective supposedly only on July 15, 2007 underscores the fact that there was no crime of terrorism in Philippine penal law in all the years that the US, Philippine and European governments were claiming that I was responsible for unspecified crimes of terrorism in the Philippines. Even as there is now the Anti-Terrorism Act, it remains to be seen how it can be valid against the Hernandez political offense doctrine and transmogrify the subsisting and well-defined crime of rebellion into the ill-defined, vague and overly broad crime of terrorism.

It is outrageous that US imperialism under the Bush policy of war on terror has drawn the Council and member-states of the European Union to wars of aggression as in Iraq and Afghanistan, to legislation and executive decisions with a fascist character and has abetted subservient regimes like the Arroyo regime to commit human rights violations with impunity, all in the name of combating terrorism. I hope that the current isolation and unravelling of the Bush regime in the US because of its crimes of aggression and repression can drive some sense into the heads of the Council and member-states of the EU.

I am deeply pleased that in my struggle for justice against the “terrorist” blacklist I have contributed to some extent to the advance of the struggle of the people for a democratic rule of law against the forces of imperialist plunder, fascism and aggression. I am determined to continue the struggle because the annulment of the decision of the Council of the European Union to blacklist me as a “terrorist” is merely the first step in my struggle for full respect of my fundamental rights and freedoms and because most importantly the people, especially the most persecuted, need to unite their will and capabilities to uphold, defend and promote their rights and freedoms against imperialism and reaction. ###

8. Pahayag Angut sa Tikang sang Pagsilot kay Arthuro Tagudinay. Ariston Remus, Napoleon Tumagtang Command, New People’s Army–Southern Panay. Hulyo 12, 2007. Kami, sa Napoleon Tumagtang Command, New People’s Army, Southern Front – Panay, nagaako sang amon responsibilidad sa pagsilot sang kamatayon kay Arthuro Tagudinay, tumandok sang Brgy. Igdampog Sur, Tubungan, Iloilo sining tinalikdan nga Hulyo 11, 2007. Si Arthuro Tagudinay isa ka kontra-rebolusyonaryo kag kontra-pumuluyo nga malain nga elemento. Sa pihak sang madamo nga pagpahanumdom kag pagpahatag sang kahigayunan sang rebolusyonaryong hublag nga makapanibag-o padayon ini nga nagahimo sang krimen batuk sa pumuluyo. Ang masunod nga mga punto amo ang nangin tungtungan sa pagpapanaog sa iya sang silot nga kamatayon:

1. Sang 1998 mabaskog nga ginreklamo sang mga pumuluyo sa baryo kag mga katambi sini ang pagpang-abuso ni Arthur kapareho sang indi pagbayad sang mga ginkompra ukon binaklan nga paho, pagpangawat, pagpanghalit sang tanom, kagamitan kag kasapatan sang kabanggi nga pumuluyo kag pagpalupok sang armas/pusil sa sentro mismo sang baryo (diin isa ka insidente may diutayan naigo). Sang buot kuhaon sang Tubungan PNP ang iya armas ginbalibad sini nga ginlambatan siya sang armado nga mga tawo kag ginpagwa nga NPA ang nagkuha. Bisan sa mga kauturan kag himata indi nangin maayo ang relasyon ni Arthur.

Ang Hukmanan sang pumuluyo nagpapanaog sang disiplina nga warning kadungan ang pagkumpiska sang iya .38 rebolber kag de 12 nga pugakhang. Gilayon ini nga ginapatuman sang Yunit sang NPA nga nagahulag sa amo nga lugar. Temporaryo nga nagkalma ang pagka-abusador niya apang pagkalipas sang panahon padayon gihapon sa pagpang-abuso.

2. Tuig 2004 liwat siya nga gin-warningan sa kaso sang pagpangilkil sa nagapadalagan nga kandidato sang 2004 Eleksyon kag gin-gamit pa ang ngalan sang NPA.

3. Sa baylo nga magbag-o labi nga naglatum ang kalain ni Arthur. Bisan ang mismo kabataan ginatudluan kag gina-organisa sa pagpangawat. Sining tinalikdan nga Mayo 14, 2007 wala pang-alang-alang siya nga nagpaniro sa mga nagsaksi sang eskutinyo sa eskwelahan sang Brgy Igdampog Sur nga nagsalabat kag nagdula sang kabuhi sang isa ka Brgy. Kagawad nga si Nilbert Camariosa. Ang amo nga insidente nagapakita sang isa ka mapangahas, wala pili nga pagpaniro/pagpamatay sa tunga sang madamo nga pumuluyo. Ginasalaming man sang amo nga hitabu ang masupog nga pagkakriminal sini nga bisan sa publiko wala hawid nga magpaniro.

Ginhatag na ang bastante nga kahigayunan para makapanibag-o si Arthur apang ginbale-wala niya ini. Ang iya kalapit sa mga tinawo sang RPA-ABB kag anay hepe sang Tubungan PNP kag subong katapu sang Sangguniang Bayan nga si Arturo “Arte” Taninas nagpalaba sang iya sungay para sa labi nga pagpang-abuso.

Nagalaum man kami sang paghangop sang pamilya ni Arthur, ilabi sang asawa nga madalom nakahibalo sang batasan sang iya bana. Malawig na nga gin-antus sang taga-Igdampog kag kaiping nga baryo ang pagkaabusador ni Arthur. Nagalaum man kami nga magaserbi ini nga leksyon sa madamo pa nga kontra-rebolusyonaryo/kontra-pumuluyo nga elemento. Nagapanawagan kami, MAGBAG-O NA KAMO!

9. Tumatayog ang kastilyo sa alapaap ni General Maclang. Salvador del Pueblo
Tagapagpahayag, National Democratic Front
Northeastern Luzon.
Hulyo 10, 2007. Sa isang ulat sa Bombo Radyo Cauayan kagabi, muling pinatayog ng Commanding Officer ng 5th ID ang kastilyo ng kasinungalingang kanyang itinatayo sa alapaap. Bago raw matapos ang 2007, aniya, kumpiyansa silang madudurog na nila ang rebolusyonaryong puersa di lang sa Cagayan Valley, kundi maging sa Ilocos region.

Ano ang mga batayan, ayon sa kanya? Unang dahilan: sa pagtatasa ng Internal Security Operations ng 5th ID, malaki na ang nagawa nila sa walang-puknat na operasyong kombat, paniktik at saywar upang pahinain ang kilusan. Kaya ilang buwan na lang, abangan! Wala na raw larangang gerilya na matitira sa buong region I at II.

Nahawa na nga si Maclang sa kanyang among Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa hilig nitong magtakda ng dedlayn na malinaw namang di nito makakamit sa kawalang kakayahan, kapasyahan at kaalaman. Hindi nila nauunawaan ang aral ng kasaysayan: na ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan ay bunga ng kahirapan at pandarahas na obhetibong dinaranas ng 99% ng mamamayan ngayon sa bansa. Ang 38 taong pag-iral ng armadong paglaban ng masang api ay dahil sa wastong pamumuno ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, sa gabay ng ideolohiyang naglalayong tapusin ang pagsasamantala ng tao sa kapwa tao.

Kung gayon, hangga’t nananatili ang pambubusabos at brutal na paghahari ng iilan, patuloy na yayakapin ng mamamayan ang rebolusyonaryong kaisipan. Hindi ito natalo ng pondo ng Estados Unidos, ni ng Batas Militar noong panahon ng diktadurang Marcos. Di ito nadurog ng ilan nang all-out war ng ilan nang nagdaang pangulo. At ngayo’y heto si General Maclang–limang buwan na lang daw, mapupulbos na ang paglaban ng mamamayan!

Noong isang taon, sa kabila at dahil sa todo-gera ng rehimeng Arroyo, di bababa sa isang kumpanya ang sumapi sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa Cagayan Valley. Sa katunayan, sa walang-puknat na operasyong militar sa mga baryo at pag-iral ng terorismo ng estado maging sa mga sentrong bayan, kakambal ang malawakang pagpapahirap, ang 5th ID at si Arroyo nga ang pinakamalakas na di-direktang tagarekrut ng mga mandirigma ng NPA sa rehiyon.

Pangalawang dahilan: bumubuti na raw ang buhay, wala nang sasali pa sa NPA. Mataman mang isipi’y di mawari kung saan napulot ng heneral ang dahilang ito. Sa kabila ng kabi-kabilang mabangong pahayag ng gobyerno na gumaganda na ang ekonomya, ang usapin pa rin ay ito: ilang magsasaka ang nananatiling baon sa utang, ilang kabataan ang di nakapag-enrol nitong Hunyo sa kawalang pera, ilang empleyado’t manggagawa ang namamaluktot sa napakaliit na sueldo?

Sa kakagawa ng kanyang kastilyo sa ere, di na nga makikita ni Maclang na di bumubuti, kundi lalong humihirap ang buhay ng mamamayan sa rehiyon. Mananatili ito hangga’t ang may kontrol sa lupain, rekurso, yaman at pulitika sa Cagayan Valley ay ang mga dayuhan at kanilang lokal na alagad.

Bilang patunay ng naghihirap na kalagayan, patuloy ngang lumalaban sa iba’t-ibang paraang ligal at hayag ang mga magsasaka, manggagawa at iba pang demokratikong pwersa laban sa mga mapangalipin na mga programa at patakaran ng gobyerno. Bilang sagot, nakaambang ipatupad ngayon ang Human Securities Act na inaasahang magbubunga ng lalo pang paglabag sa karapatang pantao ng mamamayan. Asahang magpapakawala pa ang AFP ng pasismo partikular sa Baggao, Cagayan na siyang laboratoryo ng 5th ID sa todo-gera.

Ngunit nananatili ang mga dahilan kung bakit matagal nang natatalo–at tiyak na matatalo–ang rehimeng Arroyo at AFP sa gera. Una, pinagsisilbihan nila ang interes ng dayuhang imperyalismo at mga lokal na alipores nito sa bansa, kaya’t di nila mabubunot kailanman ang ugat ng paghihimagsik ng mamamayan.

Pangalawa, ang rehimen at AFP mismo ay batbat ng diskuntento at bangayan sa loob ng sarili nitong hanay. Hindi kailanman sila magkakaisa sa paninindigan hangga’t ang kabangyaman ng lipunan ay pinagaawayan nilang paghati-hatian. Ang pondo nga ng todo-gera ay matagal nang naisuksok sa iilang bulsa, pasensya na ang mga nakabababang opisyal at sundalo na hanggang ngayon ay wala pang dagdag ni piso sa sueldo.

Pangatlo at pinakamahalaga, ang suporta at pagmamahal ng mamamayan ay nasa rebolusyonaryong kilusan at wala sa bulok at pasistang paghahari ng rehimeng Arroyo. Kung kaya’t kahit ipinagmamalaki ni Gen. Maclang na magdaragdag sila ng armas at dadaan sa re-treyning, ang katotohanan ay ito: sa anumang digmaan, hindi ang sandata ang mapagpasya kundi ang malawak na suporta ng masa.

10. Pakyason an Human Security Act (HSA): Terorismo han Estado ha Bag-o nga Ngaran Pero Daan nga Hulagway! Fr. Santiago “Sanny” Salas, Spokesperson in Eastern Visayas, National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Hulyo 05, 2007. Ano an Human Security Act (HSA)?

Amo na ini an dati nga Anti-Terror Bill (ATB) nga ha esensya terorismo han estado nga nagtatarhog han katawhan Pilipino ha iya kinabuhi, panginabuhi, mga sibil nga kagawasan ngan demokratiko nga katungod. Para uwaton an katawhan, ginbaduan la nira ngan gintawag ini nga Human Security Act. Dinagmit nga ginhimo ngan gin-aprobaran ini han yana nga Pebrero 2007 para igligalisa an nahitatabo yana nga terorismo han estado – an haluagan ngan sistematiko nga pulitikal nga panmatay, atake ha oposisyon, mga personahes han midya ngan iba pa nga kritiko han gubyerno ngan abrido nag-aaraba ngan nag-iinsister han ira mga katungod. Igindidig-on gihapon han rehimen US-Arroyo an HSA para tahuban an iya ginhimo ngan ginpaplanuhan nga mga panlimbong ha eleksyon, pangurakot ngan pangawat ha kaban han gubyerno.

An HSA nagbubug-os han mga pasista nga balaud nga ginhimo na han rehimen han mga naglabay nga bulan sugad han “calibrated preemptive response” (CPR) nga nagpapiliw han katungod para magdumara hin gios-protesta; Proklamasyon No. 1017 nga nagdeklara han nasud ilarum hin usa nga national emergency ngan an Executive Order No. 464 nga nagdidiri han opisyal han gubyerno ha balitang han gabinete ha pag-atendir hin mga imbistigasyon han konggreso/senado.

Kun sugad, gintatagan hin gahum han HSA an rehimen Macapagal-Arroyo labaw pa kontra han iginlalagda han Konstitusyon han Pilipinas ngan subay han naeksister nga sistema hudisyal hini.

Kritikal an masunod nga tulo ka tuig para han rehimen Macapagal Arroyo para hiya nakapagpabilin ha poder, sanglit ginbalayan hini nga sugad an HSA para maiduso an duha nga katuyuanan. Syahan, maseguro an suporta han imperyalista nga US nga amo an nangundahan han pankalibutan nga gerra han agresyon o kunuhay “gerra kontra terorismo” ngan alagid-agid han HSA nga balaud – an Patriot Act ngan Homeland Security Act hini. Ikaduha, tapuon an kangalas han katawhan Pilipino tungod han grabe nga krisis pan-ekonomiya. Para han ikaduha nga panuyuanan, mayor nga unod han HSA an pinahaluag nga pakahulugan han ”terorismo” ngan kun hin-o ”terorista” agud pugngan an hiluag nga sentimento kontra han rehimen ngan atakehon adton ngatanan nga oposisyon – tikang ha mga protesta panmasa ha kasyudaran sugad man ha kaumhan, mga taga-simbahan, mga midya ngan bisan adton naghahadi nga klase nga opisiyon ha pulitika.

Kadungan han HSA, ginpapapintas niya an militarisyon ha kaumhan ngan kasyudaran subay han kontra-rebolusyonaryo nga gera ngan supresyon nga kampanya nakabalayan ha Oplan Bantay Laya I ngan II. Komo usa na nga balaud, hul-os na nga gagamiton han rehimen an kabangis han pasista nga makinarya han estado.

Ano an epekto hini ha kinabuhi han katawhan Pilipino?

Hini nga haluagan nga pasista nga balaud –HSA han rehimen GMA, dugang nga papakusgon hini an terorismo han estado. Mahitaas pa an ihap han mga insidente han panmatay, masaker, pandukot, ebakwasyon, demolisyon ha mga kabablayan ngan iba pa nga magkarima-dima nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod.

Ha yana pala ngani nga waray pa ig-iimplimentar an HSA, naabot na hin sobra 800 an biktima han extra-judicial nga panmatay, subra 93 naman an gindukot nga gintutuohan nga mga patay, samtang yinukot-yukot nga mga parag-uma an nag-ebakwet tikang ha ira mga baryo tipakadto ha kabungtuhan ngan mga pandestroso han pasista nga militar han mga tanum ngan mga higamit ha pag-uma. Ginatus-gatus nga mga kabataan ha kaumhan diri natutuhay ha pag-eskuyla tungod kay mga eskuylahan ginhihimo nga kampo han militar upod an mga singbahan ngan kapilya ha ira baryo. An gidaan na nga kakurian ha panginabuhi ngan kagutom ginpapagrabe pa hini.

Atubangan hini nga makarimadima nga kamutangan, an NDFP-EV nagdidig-on han komitment nga igpadayon ngan igpasulong han armado nga pakig-away tubtub nga makab-ot an hul-os nga katalwasan ngan demokrasya.

Nanawagan hadton mga tag-undong han katungod pantawo ngan katawhan nga atuhan ini nga Human Security Act han rehimen Arroyo tubtub nga mapawarayan-lara ini ha damo nga pamaagi nga kaya mahimo.

Sugadman, gin-aaghat han NDF-EV an magkadurudilain nga yunit han New Peoples’ Army nga pakusgon ngan padamuon pa an ira mga taktikal nga opensiba para matagan hustisya an mga biktima han waray wantas nga panmatay han rehimen, sirutan hi GMA upod an mga iya mga tagplano ngan tag-implementar han nasabi nga pasista nga balaud tubtub ha marumpag an mahugot nga kinangangalsan han katawhan nga rehimen US-Arroyo. ###

11. 29th IB mercilessly kills own CAFGU men. Cesar Renerio, Spokesperson, NDF-North Central Mindanao. July 04, 2007. The NDF-North Central Mindanao strongly condemned the dirty tricks employed by the 4ID in demeaning the image of the revolutionary movement in accusing the NPA of the heinous crime of murder to five Cafgus in Lawan-lawan, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte.

This is in reply to the news fed by the AFP-4ID Public Information Platoon through its spokesperson Major Sagun to the mass media regarding the death of five Cafgus as “victims of ambush” supposedly launched by the NPA last June 28, 2007 at Kinamaybay, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte. Truth is no such ambush happened. Those hapless Cafgus were treacherously murdered by the soldiers of the 29th IB-402nd Brigade who unable to avenge their loss of 14 assorted firearms to the NPA and the death of their cadreman, vent their ire instead on well meaning and innocent Cafgus who went with them in their pursuit operations. These victims are Joel Bilayong, Albert Tanyo, Humoc Tinabla, Legal Mansinugdan, Junie Bilayong, all married and serving as Cafgus in said detatchment.

Added to this, the families of those pitiable five Cafgus were also detained and forced to recant their satement on local radio stations stating their husbands were victims of retribution and killing spree by the military’s 29th IB. At present another five Cafgus in Lawan-lawan detatchment who fearing for their lives from the quasi-running amok soldiers of the 29th IB, were forced to leave their families and fled to neighboring barrio and are now into hiding.

The gist of the matter began last June 27, 2007 when at around 1:00 AM, a platoon-sized formation of the NPA under the Cesar Cayon Command raided the Cafgu detachment of the 23rd IB in Lawan-lawan, Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte seizing all 14 assorted firearms and the resultant death of Sgt Romeo Eufemia, commander of said detachment. Unable to pursue the already-gone NPAs, and to make face for their loss they sacrificed the lives of 5 Cafgus by murdering them and fed this to media as a result of an “ambush” launched by the NPA.

The NDF-North Central Mindanao issued this statement condemning this devilish act in fairness to those five innocent Cafgus and their grieving families. The truth must come out and let justice be served against those guilty of said crime. The time has come to unmask this dirty tricks of the AFP-4ID who continuously misled the people in their false and malicious propaganda in their vain hope to win the hearts and minds of the people.

This is not the first case in North Central Mindanao where innocent Cafgus suffered and are made dishonorable scapegoats of the military’s loss to the NPA. This also happened to the Cafgus in Boco, Banlag, Valencia City last August 22, 2006 where said Cafgus after having lost 29 high powered rifles to the NPA were imprisoned until now in the 4ID stockade at Camp Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan de Oro City.

12. On the matter of a ceasefire declaration, peace talks and the proscription of the CPP/NPA. Communist Party of the Philippines. July 04, 2007. The past several days, Arroyo’s key security and defense officials have been jabbering about resuming formal peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) preconditioned on the capitulation of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) through a premature and unwarranted declaration of a ceasefire.

In the face of the rejection of such a demand, National Security Adviser and Acting Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales has gone to the extent of threatening to proscribe the CPP/NPA as “terrorists” under the so-called Human Security Act (HSA) together with such groups as the Abu Sayyaf, Rajah Solaiman Group and the Jemaah Islamiyah.

At the same time, Gloria Arroyo has vowed to use the HSA, scheduled to take effect this July 15, to “crush the terrorist movement.” Gonzales has issued instructions to government troops to pay no attention to criticisms of its rights violations and step up its campaign of suppression.

Such arrogant threats and patently fascist attitude do not indicate an honest desire for real peace talks.

The CPP and the revolutionary forces cannot be compelled to declare a ceasefire in the absence of any substantive agreement to resolve the basic socio-economic and political reforms that lie at the roots of the armed conflict.

The NPA cannot declare and implement a ceasefire while gross human rights violations continue to be committed by the Arroyo regime against the leaders, consultants and forces of the revolutionary movement, activists of the democratic movement and the masses. A ceasefire under such conditions would be tantamount to capitulation. The NPA cannot allow the Arroyo regime to carry out its campaign of suppression with impunity. Revolutionary armed resistance against state terrorism is just and necessary.

The CPP, NDFP and the revolutionary forces in the Philippines are much desirous of resuming formal peace negotiations, stalled since 2004 because of the GRP’s adamant refusal to fulfill its obligations under agreements reached with the NDFP. The NDFP had earlier forwarded its willingness to enter into a ceasefire agreement with the GRP within the framework of a 10-point Concise Agreement for an Immediate Just Peace that sets key favorable conditions and the adoption of necessary agreements before a ceasefire could be put into effect.

The Arroyo regime, on the other hand, has failed to show sincerity in the peace process. Not once in the past six years has it shown good faith by fulfilling its obligations. It has consistently reneged on its responsibilities embodied in The Hague Declaration of 1992, the 1998 Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and the Oslo Accords of February and April 2004.

A major provision in the Oslo Accords, in particular, requires the GRP to undertake efforts to resolve the outstanding issue of the inclusion of the CPP, the NPA and NDFP chief political consultant Jose Ma. Sison in lists of “terrorist organizations” maintained by the US and EU. The Oslo Accords took cognizance of the fact that such listing and meddling by the US in Philippine internal affairs violate national sovereignty and are detrimental to the peace process.

The Arroyo regime’s plan to proscribe the CPP and NPA in its own list of “terrorist organizations” all the more makes the resumption of formal peace negotiations impossible.

The Arroyo regime wants to use the proscription of the CPP/NPA under the HSA as basis for its all-out campaign of suppression first against the revolutionary forces, and then against the legal democratic forces and other staunch anti-Arroyo forces and oppositionists the regime claims to be “fronts of the CPP/NPA.”

There is nothing new in the Arroyo regime’s threat to proscribe the CPP/NPA. Notwithstanding the repeal of the anti-subversion law, the Arroyo regime has all long maliciously branded the CPP/NPA as “terrorist” to denigrate the legitimate revolutionary demands of the Filipino people, vilify the revolutionary armed struggle, scuttle the peace negotiations and justify the US-supported all-out war of terror and campaign of suppression against the revolutionary forces and the people.

Since 2001, the Arroyo regime has engaged in an all-out terror campaign of extrajudicial killings, abductions, illegal arrests, military saturation drives, artillery shelling and aerial bombing of entire communities. All these compel the Filipino people to take up arms to defend their rights and exact justice and retribution for all the crimes perpetrated by the state’s armed forces

The NPA and the revolutionary forces must persist in vigorously advancing revolutionary armed struggle to defend the people and put an end to the Arroyo regime’s reign of terror.

13. An Pamahayag han mga Heneral han AFP Dugang nga Nagpapamatuod han Direkta nga Kalabutan han Rehimen ngan Militar ha Waray Wantas nga Ekstrahudisyal nga Panmatay ha Pilipinas. Fr. Santiago “Sanny” Salas, Spokesperson in Eastern Visayas, National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Hunyo 28, 2007. Yana nga semana, duha nga waray magpakilala nga heneral han Pwersa Armada han Pilipinas (Armed Forces of the Philippines o AFP) an nagbuksas han direkta nga kalabutan han rehimen Macapagal Arroyo ngan han organisasyon han reaksyunaryo nga militar ha nahitatabo nga waray wantas nga pulitikal nga mga panmatay han mga ginsususpetsahan nga komunista, ngan mga tagsuporta hini, mga kapadian, mga kagawad han midya ngan mga aktibista.

Iginhulagway hini nga mga heneral nga nagin adyenda hin serye nga “command meetings” ha AFP an pagpuypoy han rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan CPP-NPA-NDF lakip na an pagpuypoy han ligal ngan demokratiko nga kagiusan ha kasyudaran ngan iba pa oposisyon ngan kritiko han gubyerno pinaagi hin pamamatay.

Dugang ini nga pagpadig-on han kamatuoran nga waray iba nga sistematiko nga nanmamatay ngan nandudukot kundi an militar ha mando han administrasyon Macapagal Arroyo agud gauman an baba, kadinahan an mga tiil ngan kamot han nag-aaraba nga katawhan tungod han diri na maiilob nga krisis pan-ekonomiya ngan pampulitika ha sulod han nasud.

Kadugangan pa ini nga karig-unan han nauna na nga mga materyal, sirkumstansyal ngan testimonyal nga mga ebidensya hiunong han mga partikular nga insidente hin panmatay nga nagdadabi han mga operatiba han reaksyunaryo nga militar, sugad han mga insidente nga hinimuan ni Jovito Palparan han ini pa an commanding general han 8th Infantry Division nga nakabase ha Catbalogan Samar hadin tuig 2005. Ini nga mga ebidensya naipresentar na ha magkadurudilain nga mga nataran hin pagdungog (forums) sugad han imbestigasyon ni UN Rapporteur Prof. Philip Alston ngan han Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT). Pirit ini nga ginmamalakatahuban pero waray mahimo han kanan administrasyon Melo Commission ngan Task Force Usig han PNP.

Nangangarugsidngon la ini nga waray malalauman an katawhan nga resolusyon hini nga panmatay tikang kan Macagal-Arroyo kay ini manta an utok ha nga madugo nga pamumuypoy. Salit, nagpapabilin, nga an armado nga pakigbisog gud la an tuang nga solusyon hini nga madarahog nga larang.

Padayon nga ibuksas ngan atuhan ini nga waray wantas nga ekstrahudisyal nga panmatay ngan iba pa nga panalapas han katungod han katawhan nga binuhatan han rehimen Macapagal-Arroyo!###

14. Keating’s sabre rattling part of US-Arroyo war of terror. Fidel V. Agcaoili, Chairperson,
NDFP Human Rights Committee.
June 28, 2007. The Human Rights Committee of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) condemns in the strongest possible terms the interventionist statement of US Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of the US Pacific Command, that if requested by the Arroyo regime the US is willing to fight the New People’s Army and to provide bigger assistance to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

His arrogant statement is part of the Bush war of terror and scheme to escalate further the ongoing US military intervention in the Philippines and the consequent gross and systematic violations of human rights in the country. Oplan Bantay Laya I and II are an adjunct of the Bush war of terror. They are an attempt to destroy the Filipino people’s democratic revolution and to put pressure on the NDFP to capitulate across the negotiating table.

The US has long been engaged in military barbarities in the Philippines since 1899 when it embarked on a war of aggression against the Filipino revolutionary forces of the newly independent Philippine republic from Spain. US military intervention has continued in various forms even after the paper independence on July 4, 1946 through the Military Bases Agreement, the Military Assistance Pact and the Mutual Defense Treaty.

It would serve Keating well to study the recent history of martial law in the Philippines. The US government and military gave full support to the Marcos dictatorship in terms of finance, materiel and manpower but failed to destroy the revolutionary movement and only succeeded to fan the flames of popular resistance.

This US military support continues up to the present Arroyo regime in the form of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA).

But the US and Manila governments have failed to quell the armed revolution of the people. On the contrary, it continues to grow in strength and numbers. The joint forces of the US and Arroyo regime have also failed to destroy the Abu Sayyaf which the CIA and Philippine army intelligence had created in 1991.

The war of terror of the Bush-Arroyo regime which has given its death squads the license to kill progressive legal activists and unarmed civilians has failed to deter the people in their fight. The gross and systematic human rights violations by the Arroyo regime have only resulted in its condemnation and isolation from the Filipino people and the international community.

It would also serve Keating well to recognize the limits of American power. Right now the US is sinking deeper in two quagmires, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even Bush is now in boiling water in Washington for launching wars of aggression. However, should the US decide to bring in more troops to the Philippines and engage in further intervention or aggression against the revolutionary forces, the Filipino people and revolutionary forces would gain the golden opportunity to avenge the more than 1.5 million Filipinos who were martyred by US military actions from the start of the US-Filipino war in1899 to the end of the US pacification campaigns in 1914. ###

15. On Admiral Timothy Keating’s threat to escalate US military intervention. Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Chief Political Consultant.
June 28, 2007. Far worse human rights violations can be expected to follow from the statements of US Pacific Forces commander Admiral Timothy Keating that the US is going to tighten its “anti-terror military cooperation” with the Arroyo regime and is willing to escalate the long-running US military intervention in the Philippines in order to fight the New People’s Army (NPA) led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) upon the request of the Arroyo regime.

Admiral Keating’s statements appear to be coordinated with attempts of the Arroyo regime to use the so-called Human Security Act (Anti-Terror Law) to intimidate the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), further escalate human rights violations and pressure the NDFP towards capitulation in the guise of a ceasefire agreement. In violation of The Hague Joint Declaration, the national security adviser Norberto Gonzales has shamelessly set such kind of ceasefire as precondition to the resumption of formal talks in the peace negotiations.

My estimate is that the Filipino people and the revolutionary forces will become more determined than ever before to wage the national democratic revolution through people’s war and that they are not at all cowed by the actual atrocities and threats that have been unleashed against them by the US and the Arroyo puppet regime. In their most recent pronouncements, the CPP and NPA have expressed readiness to fight every degree of military intervention and aggression by US imperialism.

At the same time, the NDFP has consistently made clear that it is willing to resume the formal talks in peace negotiations after certain prejudicial questions are answered satisfactorily and that ceasefire is possible upon the forging of a 10-point concise agreement for an immediate just peace proposed by the NDFP since several years ago through Speaker Jose de Venecia.

The prejudicial questions that need to be resolved first of all include the gross and systematic human rights violations, the murder and abduction of NDFP consultants in the peace negotiations, the “terrorist” listing of the CPP, NPA and the NDFP chief political consultant and the misappropriation of funds for the indemnification of the victims of human rights violations under the Marcos regime.

The ten points in the aforesaid concise agreement for an immediate just peace are clear principles to guide the forging of comprehensive agreements on socio-economic and on political reforms. But the bloodthirsty elements in the Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security (chiefly executive secretary Eduardo Ermita and national security adviser Norberto Gonzales) have frenziedly engaged in gross and systematic human rights violations in a vain attempt to terrorize and pacify the revolutionary movement and compel the NDFP to capitulate.

Further military actions and further threats from the US are futile. Everyone knows that the collaboration between US imperialism and the Marcos fascist dictatorship failed to destroy the revolutionary movement but succeeded in pushing its growth and advance. Since 2002, the US and the Arroyo regime have exposed the limits of what they can do by failing to completely subdue the minuscule Abu Sayyaf bandit group. The US is sinking in the quagmires of its own making in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush himself is floundering in Washington because of his wars of aggression, abuse and misuse of public resources and other impeachable crimes.

Further atrocities and further threats from the Arroyo regime are also futile. The excessive local and foreign borrowing to conjure the illusion of economic growth and misuse of huge public funds to rig the local and congressional elections will come crashing down on the regime. The crisis of the world capitalist system is worsening and is aggravating the crisis of the local ruling system.

In their publications on, the revolutionary forces have made clear that they will frustrate the scheme of the Arroyo regime to auction off the mineral wealth, land and other natural resources of the country and that they will target the worst of the foreign predators, human rights violators and plunderers. The broad masses of the people are so fed up with the impositions of the US imperialists and the puppetry of the Arroyo regime that they are intensifying more vigorously than ever before the struggle for national liberation and democracy. ###

16. Norberto Gonzales is a saboteur of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. Luis G. Jalandoni, Chairperson, Negotiating Panel, National Democratic Front of the Philippines June 28, 2007. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is willing to go into serious peace negotiations which address the root causes of the armed conflict through fundamental economic, social and political reforms, in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration and further agreements.

The NDFP is open to exploratory talks which address and resolve the prejudicial questions, such as the extrajudicial killings and other gross human rights violations, the murder and abduction of NDFP consultants, the unjust “terrorist” listing and the indemnification of victims of human rights violations.

However, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales does not really want peace talks. He only pretends. In fact, he is sabotaging the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. His demand for the capitulation of the NDFP under the guise of a ceasefire without priorly addressing the roots of the armed conflict is calculated to sabotage the peace negotiations.

Preconditioning the resumption of formal talks with capitulation and pacification of the armed revolution is a gross violation of The Hague Joint Declaration.

As head of the Inter-Agency Legal Action Group (IALAG), Gonzales has caused the filing of numerous fabricated criminal charges against NDFP negotiators, consultants and staffers in violation of the GRP-NDFP Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). One clear example is the ridiculous multiple murder charge against NDFP Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison, myself, other NDFP consultants, Rep. Satur Ocampo and many others in Hilongos, Leyte.

As member of the Cabinet Oversight Committee for Internal Security (COC-IS), Gonzales is accountable for the regime’s Oplan Bantay Laya I and II which have resulted in the more than 860 cases of extrajudicial killings and almost 200 cases of enforced disappearances of progressive legal activists and unarmed civilians. The OBL I and II have caused other gross human rights violations, such as the uprooting and forced displacement of over a million internal refugees.

In November 2003, at informal peace talks in Oslo, when both GRP and NDFP delegations had agreed to the release of political prisoners and the indemnification of human rights victims under the Marcos regime, Norberto Gonzales sabotaged the signing of a joint statement that would have paved the way for the resumption of formal peace talks. He insisted within the GRP delegation: “Let us not release the prisoners! Let us not give them [victims of human rights violations] the money!”

In late 2004, at a high level GRP national security meeting, he made the scandalous proposal that in order to solve all the regime’s problems, they should just have Joma Sison assassinated.

Norberto Gonzales’ rabid anti-Communist mindset is revealed in the anti-communist seminars for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, conducted by Romeo Intengan, SJ, which are authorized by Gonzales and funded by the National Security Council.

His call for a prolonged ceasefire without addressing and resolving the extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations of the regime, ignoring the resolution of the unjust “terrorist” listing of the CPP, the NPA and Prof. Jose Maria Sison, and disregarding the indemnification of victims of human rights violations and the release of political prisoners, is a vain attempt to secure the pacification of the revolutionary forces.

He has no respect for The Hague Joint Declaration and other bilateral agreements between the NDFP and GRP. He has never undertaken any serious effort at achieving a just peace. Instead, he has devoted himself to the sabotage of the peace negotiations. #

17. 41st IB punished anew for abduction of children, 7 Soldiers killed in June 25 ambush in Abra. Ka Diego Wadagan, Spokesperson, Agustin Begnalen Command. June 28, 2007. While the second batch of operating troops of the 41st IB were withdrawing on June 25, 2007, NPA guerillas staged an ambush along the road between Barangay Wangayan, Tubo and Luba, Abra. The firefight started at 8:00 am and lasted until 2:30 pm. Six fascist troopers were immediately killed, while a wounded soldier eventually died, bringing to seven the dead casualties of the 41st IB. The NPA suffered no casualty.

The ambush was a punitive action against the many abuses of the operating troops, the most recent of which is the abduction of six innocent high school students along the Bangaan-Buasao-Kili foot trail. The names of the six students are as follows:

  • Josie Padingil
  • Josefa Banglay
  • Jane Dumalig
  • Isabel Lawagan
  • Igan Lumebyang
  • Sumili Maguinsay

The six students were all released as of June 25, 2007. The female students were released earlier, while Igan Lumebyang and Sumili Maguinsay were only released after the whole people of Kili together with the support of neighboring villages exerted pressure on the military to release them. Lumebyang and Maguinsay were brought along with the operating troops garbed in camouflage uniforms. After learning of the ambush, the people of Tubo reportedly said, “Masem yu, aped yu tiliwen nan an-ak mi ay maid basbasol da. Pinaligat yu, binutbuteng yu sa yu pay insarang as peggad daida.” (That’s what you get for abducting innocent children! You tormented, terrorized and exposed them to danger.)

Col. Loreto G. Rirao, 503rd Brigade Commanding Officer, tried to cover up the abduction by stupidly claiming that the students got lost in the way and so the soldiers accompanied them. How can the students get lost when they have been hiking that trail every time they go to school?

Since June 5, 2007, massive military deployment began in the contiguous municipalities of Bontoc, Sagada, and Besao in Mountain Province; in the towns of Luba, Tubo and Boliney in Abra; and in Cervantes and Quirino in the province of Ilocos Sur. The contingent AFP-PNP troops included the 41st IB, 50th IB, 53rd Recon Coy, 21st IB, and the PNP RMG-CAR. Earlier on June 17, 2007 an encounter transpired at Sitio Pananuman, Tubtuba, Tubo with NPA guerillas and a unit of the 50th IB. A soldier was killed while the NPA suffered no casualties.

The latest tactical offensives are proof of the NPA’s heightened fighting will and capability against the intensifying militarization of the Cordillera, under the US-Macapagal-Arroyo Regime’s Oplan Bantay Laya. On the other hand, the AFP-PNP are resorting to blatant human rights violations and black propaganda, as they are spreading lies about the CPP-NPA’s alleged plot to assassinate local government officials in the province; a clear scapegoat for the inutile efforts of the COMELEC, the PNP and the AFP to quell warlordism and stop pre and post election-related violence in the province.

Also, in an attempt to gain propaganda mileage, the PDEA finally arrested Mailed Molina after two decades of turning a blind eye to his blatant illegal drug trade and other criminal activities. This proves what the NPA has long been saying about the CPLA. Obviously, the CPLA Supremo’s usefulness in counter-insurgency expired.

18. Stop persecuting the innocents! Frank Fernandez, Spokesperson, NDF – Negros.
June 27, 2007. “We challenge the PNP, NBI and the Prosecutor’s Office responsible in investigating the NPA ambush on Atty. Magdaleno Pena to be impartial and not be dictated by a praning nd criminal warlord.” Ka Bayani Obrero said in a recent statement by the Boy Gatmaitan Command.

“ Pena’s insanity in persecuting innocent civilians who were not connected to the NPA ambush in Pulupandan must stop.”

“Because of his greed for power and strong connections to the Arroyo family, the PNP, NBI and the Prosecutor’s office quickly filed cases, made warrants of arrest and look for suspects that Pena wanted to persecute. However these authorities are blind and deaf to the crimes of Atty. Pena since the 1980s.”

“Despite the NPA’s admission of the said ambush, officials of the PNP, AFP, NBI and the Prosecutor’s Office are trying to cover this TRUTH for two reasons:

“ First, the officials of the PNP, NBI and the Prosecutor’s Office investigating the case are under the control of Atty. Pena to follow his own version of the case to persecute opposition politicians and the masses in Pulupandan who are fighting against the oppression and repression of Atty. Pena. He even included former members of the revolutionary movement that have left the organization a long time ago.

Secondly, the PNP and the AFP wanted to conceal the fact that the NPA is gaining in size and strength and has the capacity to launch a military action near Bacolod City. This is a backlash to the lies peddled by the 303rd Bde PA and PNP that the NPA is weakening and a spent force…”

19. Nakabalatkayong Armadong Panghihimasok ng Imperyalismong US sa Bikol. Gregorio Bañares, Tagapagsalita, National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol. Hunyo 27, 2007. Hungkag at mapanlinlang ang isasagawang “RP-US humanitarian mission” ng mga tropang US na isinasagawa ngayon hanggang sa unang linggo ng Hulyo sa lalawigan ng Albay. Ang tunay na layunin ng mga tropang Amerikano ay magsagawa ng aktwal na pagsurvey sa mga dagat, pantalan, kalupaan, at mahahalagang instalasyong pampubliko bilang paghahanda sa balak nitong pagpapatindi ng armadong panghihimasok sa bansa sa tabing ng “military exercises” na gagawin sa susunod na mga taon.

Sa tulong ng papet na gubyernong Arroyo at AFP, tusong sinasamantala ng imperyalismong US ang kahabag-habag na kalagayan ng mamamayan ng Albay na sinalanta ng nakaraang mga kalamidad upang magpanggap na “matulungin at makatao”, sa kabila ng katotohanang ang mga imperyalistang patakaran sa ilalim ng “globalisasyon ng malayang pamilihan” na ipinatutupad ng kasalukuyang rehimen ang tunay na naglugmok sa kabuhayan di lamang ng mga Bikolano kundi ng buong sambayanang Pilipino.

Kasuklam-suklam ang pagpapanggap na makatao ng tropang US gayong ang patakaran nitong “gera kontra-terorismo” ang dahilan ng kamatayan ngdaan-daang libong mamamayan kabilang na ang mga bata at kababaihan sa Afghanistan at Iraq, at ang dislokasyon ng milyon pang iba dahil sa digmang agresyon ng US sa mga bansang ito.

Hindi rin dapat kalimutan na ini-engganyo at sinusuportahan ng “gera kontra-terorismo” ng rehimeng Bush ang mabangis na Oplan Bantay Laya IIna iwinawasiwas ngayon ng berdugong rehimeng Arroyo laban sa mamamayang Pilipino na tuwirang dahilan ng pagpaslang sa aabot sa 1,000 biktima ng “extra-judicial killings”, pagdukot at pagkawala ng ilandaang aktibista, at sa libu-libong biktima ng pag-abuso sa karapatang pantao. Walang kahihiyang inilalatag ng papet na gubyernong Arroyo at ng AFP-PNP ang pulang carpet sa mga dayuhan at ginagamit ang “humanitarian mission” upang pagtakpan ang karumal-dumal na mga krimen na bunga ng pagpapatupad ng patakarang “gera kontra-terorismo” at Oplan Bantay Laya II laban sa mamamayang Pilipino.

Binabalaan ng National Democratic Front ang mga tropang Amerikano na huwag gamitin ang “humanitarian mission” upang maniktik sa mga saklaw ng sona at baseng gerilya at direktang lumahok sa mga operasyong pangkombat ng AFP at PNP sa saklaw ng teritoryo ng Demokratikong Gubyernong Bayan upang hindi sila maging target ng pag-atake ng BHB.

Magpapatupad ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan ng aktibong pagdidepensa sa mga saklaw nitong teritoryo sa harap ng napatunayan ng maruming taktika ng 901st Brigade-AFP ng paggamit sa relief operations sa patraydor napag-atake sa isang yunit ng BHB na tumutulong sa mga biktima ng pagputok ng bulkang Mayon, at sa harap ng ulat na natanggap ng NDF-Bikol na may ilang personel at sundalo ng US na direktang lumahok sa operasyong pangkombat ng 902nd Brigade sa kagubatan ng Lupi at Ragay, Camarines Sur noong taong 2003.

20. Panawagan sa mga Patriyotikong Upisyal ng AFP at PNP sa Rehiyong Bikol Kaugnay ng Extra-judicial Killings. Gregorio Bañares, Tagapagsalita, National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol. Hunyo 27, 2007. Sintomas ng matinding demoralisasyon at pagkakahati sa hanay ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang pagbubunyag na ginawa ng tatlong di pa nagpapakilalang mga heneral ng AFP kaugnay ng diumano’y kumperensya ng mga heneral ng AFP na tumalakay at nagpatibay sa patakaran ng pagpatay sa mga kilalang lider at personahe ng “maka-kaliwang grupo” bilang bahagi ng programa sa kontra-insurhensya ng rehimeng Arroyo.

Malaking dagok ito sa rehimeng Arroyo at nagpapahiwatig na maging ang mga matataas na upisyal ng AFP ay hindi na kayang sikmurain ang karumal-dumal na mga krimen sa mamamayang Pilipino ng bulok at papet na rehimeng Arroyo, na desperadong kumapit sa kapangyarihan.

Kung lalantad at magpapatunay ang tatlong heneral, at kung susuportahan ito ng iba pang pagbubunyag ng mga upisyal sa mas mababang antas – higit na mabibigyang linaw na ang mga kaso ng “extra-judicial killings” at ang pagdukot at pagkawala ng mga aktibista at pinaghihinalaang may kaugnayan sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan ay isang sistematikong kampanya na ipinatutupad sa pambansang antas. May tuwirang basbas ito ng matataas na upisyal ng AFP-PNP at ng rehimen, at dinidirehe ng isang grupo sa Malakanyang na tinawag na Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security (COC-IS).

Hinihikayat ng National Democratic Front ang mga patriyotikong upisyal sa hanay ng AFP at PNP sa Bikol na suportahan ang pagbubunyag ng tatlong heneral, at gumawa ng sariling mga paraan upang ilantad sa mamamayan ang mga krimen at pananagutan ng kanilang mga upisyal na may tuwirang kinalaman sa mga kaso ng extra-judicial killings. Nakarating sa kaalaman ng NDF-Bikol ang sentimyento ng ilang mababang-ranggong upisyal at kawal na dismayado sa patakaran ng rehimeng Arroyo kaugnay ng pagpatay sa mga sibilyan at di-armadong mamamayang itinuturing ng rehimen na kaaway ng estado.

May pananagutan ang matataas na upisyal ng AFP mula sa antas ng area commands, dibisyon, brigada hanggang batalyon sa bawat kaso ng extra-judicial killing dahil may tuwirang partisipasyon sila sa pagpaplano, pagtatakda ng bilang o kota ng “inu-nyutralisa” sa bawat saklaw, sa pagsusumite ng budget proposal, at sila ang nagbibigay pahintulot sa pagkakahon ng target at pagpapatupad ng pisikal na eliminasyon ng mga target sa kani-kanilang saklaw. Sila rin ang pinakamaingay sa pagbaluktot ng mga impormasyon sa media, pagtatakip sa krimen ng kanilang mga tauhan, at awtomatikong pagbibintang sa diumano’y “purgahan” sa hanay ng CPP-NPA-NDF.

May direktang kinalaman din ang mga matataas na upisyal ng PNP dahil may mahigpit na pakikipag-ugnayan sila sa AFP kaugnay ng palitan ng mga datos sa intelligence, koordinasyon ng mga “special projects”, at sila ang tuwirang inaatasan na manipulahin ang imbestigasyon upang ibintang sa CPP-NPA-NDF ang mga krimen.

Nararapat na itigil ng rehimeng Macapagal-Arroyo ang maruming mga maniobra at pananakot sa mga upisyal ng AFP at PNP, at pabweluhin ang isang independyente at makatotohanang imbestigasyon sa mga kaso ng extra-judicial killing sa buong bansa.

21. Biktima si Sotero Llamas ng extra-judicial killings ng rehimeng Arroyo. Gregorio Bañares, Tagapagsalita, National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol. Hunyo 25, 2007. Nararapat lamang na isabay sa iimbestigahan ng mga kinatawan ng European Union ang kaso ng pagpaslang kay Sotero “Ka Teroy” Llamas sa pagbisita nito sa Bikol ngayong Hunyo 25 hanggang 27. Si Ka Teroy ay biktima ng extra-judicial killings ng berdugong death squad ng Rehimeng Arroyo noong Mayo 29, 2006.

Kilalang dating rebolusyonaryong lider si Sotero Llamas bago lumahok sa ligal at parlamentaryong pakikibaka. Naging mahusay itong kadre ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, Bagong Hukbong Bayan, at National Democratic Front sa rehiyong Bikol sa panahon ng pagpupundar hanggang sa paglawak at paglakas ng armadong kilusang rebolusyonaryo sa rehiyon.

Dahil sa kanyang mahabang karanasan sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan, hinirang itong Konsultant ng NDFP sa negosasyong pangkapayapaan sa Gubyerno ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Matapos itong lumaya sa pagkakadetine sa ilalim ng rehimeng Arroyo, naging aktibo si Sotero Llamas sa ligal na larangan ng pakikibaka, at naging Direktor Pampulitika ng progresibong partylist na Bayan Muna. Hindi na bumalik si Sotero Llamas sa larangan ng armadong pakikibaka.

Ayon sa pahayag ng asawa ni Sotero Llamas, ilang linggo bago pinaslang si Ka Teroy ay kinumpronta nito ang isang kakilalang ahente ng Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) kaugnay ng pagbabanta ng ISAFP sa kanyang buhay. Narinig pa nitong nagtanong si Ka Teroy sa kanyang kausap na “papatayin n’yo na ba ako?”.

Isang malaking kasinungalingan ang paratang ng PNP na ang New People’s Army ang pumatay kay Sotero Llamas batay sa pahayag ng isang pekeng testigo at nilabusaw na imbestigasyon ng CIDG. Magkasabwat ang PNP-CIDG-Task Force Usig at AFP sa pagpapakulo ng diumano’y “purging” sa hanay ng CPP-NPA-NDF upang pagtakpan ang krimen ng rehimeng Arroyo at ibintang sa NPA ang pagpaslang kay Sotero Llamas.

Walang ibang may rekurso, makinarya, kakayahan, at motibong patahimikin ang isang kilalang katunggali ng rehimeng Arroyo kundi ang military death squad ng rehimeng Arroyo na tinatawag na “Black Army” na binuo upang “nyutralisahin” ang mga kalaban ng rehimen sa pambansang antas.Isa lamang si Sotero Llamas sa napakahabang listahan ng mga biktima ng Oplan Bantay Laya, ang kontra-insurhensyang programa ng rehimeng Arroyo.

Umaasa ang NDF-Bikol na ikukunsidera ng mga kinatawan ng European Union ang mga puntong inilahad ng NDF upang maging makabuluhan ang imbestigasyon at mabigyan ng katarungan ang pagpaslang kay Ka Teroy at sa mahigit isanlibong biktima ng “extra-judicial killings” ng pasistang rehimeng Arroyo.

22. No excuses whatsoever for the 5th ID’s organic units in the abduction and torture of schoolchildren! Simon “Ka Filiw” Naogsan, Spokesperson, Cordillera Peoples’ Democratic Front, an allied member of the NDFP. June 23, 2007. Some pupils of the Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School (MPGCHS) painstakingly traverse long distances for a minimum of 10 hours from the school grounds in Bangaan, Sagada to their village in Kili, Tubo, Abra to bring home beaming stories to their parents, barriomates and peers of their first day in school. This time however, six of them ended up being abducted and tortured by the fascist criminal troops of the AFP.

Last Friday, June 15, 2007, operating troops of the 54th Infantry Battalion abducted three boys and three girls, all students of the MPGCHS, Bangaan Annex, Bangaan, Sagada, along the Bangaan-Buasao-Kili foot trail. They have detained the schoolchildren for several days now, informing neither the children’s parents nor the school principal of the incident. The soldiers subjected the children to harsh treatment, physical and psychological torture, interrogation and death threats.

The entire village of Kili, with the help of the neighboring villages in northern Sagada, organized search teams to locate the missing schoolchildren. Later, they found out that army troops detained the schoolchildren at a military camp in Lagangilang, Abra. The fascist troops refuse to release the children despite pleas of the villagefolk.

Once more, the AFP committed grave crimes against the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera by abducting and torturing these innocent school children. A year ago, on the same mountain ridge, an 18-year-old student Michael Uyad of Gueday, Besao was mercilessly murdered by operating troops of the same 54 th IB. Also, that same year, on March 18, another organic unit of the 54th IB illegally arrested, detained, and tortured two menfolk from Baclingayan, Tubo, Abra who were en route to Mainit, Bontoc to deliver carabaos as ordered by their counterpart in Mainit. Even their carabaos were not spared by the heartless fascist army troops who butchered them.

The fascist AFP officers and troops in pursuit of Oplan Bantay Laya 2 are desperate to produce military victories and please their commanding generals including their fake commander-in-chief in their vain attempt to crush the NPA and revolutionary mass movement. Indeed, by intensifying militarization and state terrorism, it is wreaking havoc and severe suffering, most particularly on the poor peasant families and national minorities. The military troops have no compunction whatsoever even if they run roughshod over the rights of school children.

The ongoing massive military operations and aerial bombings along boundary areas of Quirino-Tubo-Besao-Sagada-Bontoc and Sadanga have resulted in the disruption of the peasants’ economic activities. Ripe palay in all these affected areas that are ready for harvest have been left to rot. Cows and carabaos being pastured in communal pasturelands have been left unattended. Pocket miners at Matuwe, Gueday, Besao; Chakep and Maatung both at Mainit, Bontoc have been forced to abandon their communal tunnels. Several irrigation canal needing immediate repairs have been left unattended.

Military troops have saturated several mountain ridges in the area, sowing fear among the peasants and their children and preventing them from their usual activities such as firewood gathering, swidden farming and travel. It is tantamount to the denial of the rights of the tribal people to the full use, access and development of their ancestral lands and to livelihood.

In utter disregard and gross violation of international humanitarian laws and CARHRIHL, the 54th IB turned the elementary school building in Sitio Dandanac, Tamboan, Besao as their virtual barracks causing an indefinite suspension of classes. Meanwhile, hundreds of high school students who hike from their villages to their schools for long hours have been forced to drop their classes due to fear of encountering military troops or being abducted or killed by the AFP. There are yet unreported violations of the democratic rights of the people of these affected areas.

The Cordillera Peoples’ Democratic Front (CPDF) joins the villagefolk of Tubo and Sagada in condemning in the strongest words possible the AFP’s inhumanity, brutality and total disregard of the children’s democratic rights and welfare. No amount of explanation by the AFP can justify the cruelty they are inflicting on these school children. No amount of excuses, not even the AFP’s asinine propaganda or the Arroyo regime’s bloodthirsty counter-insurgency campaign, can justify the gruesome oppression of these school children in particular and the indigenous peoples in general.

The Cordillera Peoples’ Democratic Front (CPDF), together with the peoples of Mountain Province and Abra, demand the immediate and unconditional release of these innocent children to their parents and people. The units of the NPA shall make certain that those who committed these acts of fascism and terrorism will be punished!

The ever-widening and ever-deepening revolutionary mass bases among the indigenous peoples are not and will not be cowed into submission by Oplan Bantay Laya 2. Instead, they see desperation and sure defeat for the fascist Arroyo regime’s “end-game strategy” against the revolutionary movement. They see the definite downfall of this illegal, criminal, fake, despicable and anti-people Arroyo regime that aggravates national oppression against the children and peoples of the Cordillera.

Now, more than ever, the peasant and tribal villages of the Cordillera unite in intensifying the armed revolution and strengthening their true army – the New People’s Army – to punish the criminal troops of the AFP for their crimes against the people and children!

Along with the rest of the Filipino masses, the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera shall make use of their spears and shields in advancing the protracted people’s war towards a genuine free and humane society that defends the peoples’ and children’s democratic rights and welfare against oppression, exploitation and injustice!


Release the abducted innocent schoolchildren of Kili, Tubo, Abra!

Pull out all military troops in the Abra-Mountain Province-Ilocos Sur boundaries!

Punish the criminal AFP for its crimes against the peoples and children of the Cordillera!

Fight fascism and state terrorism with people’s war!

23. Hinggil sa pangongotong ng ng 501st at 17th IB PA sa Cagayan. Ka Arnel Sandoval
Tagapagsalita, Henry Abraham Command, NPA-NorthEast Cagayan.
Hunyo 22, 2007. Mariing kinokondena ng Henry Abraham Command-NPA Silangang Cagayan ang pangungulimbat sa mga local at dayuhang negosyante sa Aparri-Sta. Ana Corridor at sa iba pang bahagi ng probinsya ng Cagayan ng mga nagpapanggap na NPA na sa katunayan ay mga opisyal paniktik at elemento mismo ng 17th IB at 501st Bde ng AFP.

Lansakang nangingikil at naghahasik ng takot sa mga maliliit at malalaking negosyante ang mga kriminal na ito gamit ang pangalan ng New People’s Army. Malaya silang nakakapanloko dahil sa sobrang takot ng mga negosyanteng hinihingan at dahil na rin sa matibay na suporta ng AFP. Sa kanilang mga walang sulat-paniningil, nagbabantang “isabotahe ang negosyo at sa pinakamalala ay buhay ang kapalit” ang mga hindi tutugon. At ginagamit ang sa kanilang sulat ang isa diumanong “Ka Justine” o iba pang kilalang pangalan ng NPA. Ang ilang bahagi ng sulat-pangongotong ay nakopya sa mga sulat sa pagbubuwis na napasakamay ng AFP noong taong 2002 pa.

Sadyang likas na sa AFP ang paggawa ng paninira upang ilayo, matakot at talikuran ng mamamayan ang NPA. Ginagamit ng mga ito ang pangalan ng NPA at sadyang gumagawa ng mga kriminal at hindi makataong gawain upang mapasama ang imahe ng NPA sa mamamayan. Ang ganitong modus operandi ng panggagantso at panlilinlang ay bahagi ng Oplan Bantay Laya II.

Sa mga lugar kung saan matindi ang pagsasamantala at malawak ang pang- aapi, ang ganitong panlilinlang ay lalo pang nakapagpapasasa ang naghaharing-uri. Hanggat may mga bagay na humahadlang sa tuluyan at lubusang pagbibigay tiwala ng masa sa kanyang hukbo, nakakapanatili ang mapagsamantalang kaayusang nakapang- aagaw ng lupa at nakapanloloko sa masa.

Kailanman ay hindi gawain o gagawin ng New People’s Army (NPA) ang pangongotong o anumang katiwalian. Bilang bahagi ng pag- asa sa sarili, mahigpit na nakasandig ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa mulat at boluntaryong kontribusyon, tulong at ambag ng batayang masa upang maitaguyod ang kanyang pang- araw-araw na operasyon. Samantala, ang anumang pagbubuwis ay dumadaan naman sa kaukulang proseso ng malinaw na kasunduan na nakabatay sa pag-uusap, pagtutuos at pagpapaliwanagan o negosasyon.

Kaugnay nito, ngayon, higit kailanman, nanawagan ang NPA sa Silangang Cagayan na lalong kinakailangang maging mapagbantay at mapanuri. Ilalantad ang ganitong mga sindikato at pagsasamantala na pakana mismo ng mga bayarang berdugo ng rehimen na ang layunin ay maihihiwalay ang mamamayan sa NPA, ang hukbong tunay na nagtataguyod ng interes ng masang api.

Hinihikayat namin ang lahat ng mga negosyante, mga kasama at lahat ng mamamayan na aktibong ipagbigay-alam sa pinakamalapit na yunit ng NPA at/o Partido ang lahat ng uri ng pangongotong at illegal na gawain na ginagamit ang pangalan ng NPA. Nakabukas ang aming linya para dito. Ipapataw ang mabigat na angkop na parusa sa mapapatunayang masamang paggamit sa pangalan ng NPA.

Mabuhay ang mamamayang Pilipino!
Isulong ang Demokratikong Rebolusyong Bayan!

24. Retiradong koronel sa polis gisilutan sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan. Cesar Renerio, Spokesperson, NDF-North Central Mindanao. Hunyo 12, 2007. Gisilutan si retiradong koronel Enrique Penaso sa usa ka tim nga BHB ubos sa Rexan Perez Command didto sa Purok 5, Indalasa, Malaybalay City sa balay sa iyang kabit sa mga alas 7:30 sa gabii kaniadtong Hunyo 8, 2007. Nakuha gikan kaniya ang usa ka Garand, usa ka carbine ug usa ka pistolang kalibre.380.

Sa PC pa siya si Enrique Penaso utok sa mga ”pagsalbeds” nilang Adalino Venacio, Temie Tominao, Fidel Sarinao ug Kadoy Libanda, pulos mga mag-uuma sa Brgy Manalog, Malaybalay sa sayong bahin sa ’80s.

Panahon sa iyang pagka-polis si Enrique Penaso ang nangulo sa demolisyon sa mga kabalayan sa mga kabus sa Manolo Fortich, sa Quezon ug sa Valencia sa ulahing bahin sa dekada 80 diin miagi siya pagka-hepe sa polis niining mga lugara.

Sa iyang pagretiro nagdumala siya og umahan sa iyang yuta diin ang uban niini inilog niya sa duha ka pamilya sa Indalasa, Malaybalay City. Ang iyang mga trabahante usab nagmulo kaniya kay gawas nga tagdugay niya hatagan sa ilang suholan may usa usab ka kaso diin wala na gyud niya kini sila bayari. Tungod niini midangop ang naargabyado ug napihig nga katawhan ngadto sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan aron mahatagan og kasulbaran ang mao nilang suliran.

Kini ang gibasehan sa Hukumang Bayan sa pagpakanaog sa silot nga kamatayon ngadto kang Koronel Enrique Penaso ug dili ang iyang pagka-polis kanhi.

25. Pamahayag sa pag-aresto ug pagsilot sa usa ka gikaintapang tulisan ug planter sa marijuana. Cesar Renerio, Spokesperson, NDF-North Central Mindanao. Hunyo 12, 2007. Sa Hunyo 11, 2007 malampusong gisilutan sa BHB ubos sa Rexan Perez Command si Datu Manpaanod ”Andabaw” Diwangan sa mga ala-1:00 sa kaadlawon uban sa lain pang duha ka mga Cafgu didto sa Mangaod, Mandahikan, Cabanglasan, Bukidnon. Nakuha gikan kaniya ang usa ka home made (paliuntod) nga pusil.

Si Datu Diwangan mao ang kakonsabo ni Maj. Arturo Salvador sa Military Intelligence Battalion (MIB) sa pagpananom og marijuana aron ilang ipamaligya. Si Maj. Salvador ang naghatag sa semilya ug pinansya ug si Sgt Aboloc sa 8th IB sa miagi mao usab ang direktang naggunit kang Datu Diwangan. Sa pagpatuman sa ilang plano si Datu Diwangan nakigkonsabo nilang Datu Lakbangan, Datu Abraham, Agnot Diwangan ug Laghong Lahindaw sa mao gihapong dapit. Sila ang direktang nananom og mga marijuana didto sa Pinawalan, Macarayas ug Makilo pulos mga mga sityo sa Kanangaan, Cabanglasan nga dili momenos sa 10 ka ektarya tanan. Ang mga harvested nga dahon sa marijuana adto ibutang sa balay nilang Laurito, Laghong Lahindaw, Agnot Diwangan, Angogpa sa barangay Kanangaan, sa kang Botaw didto sa Mandahikan, ug sa ilang Tony Dalasay ug Eli Kalipay sa sityo Patulangan, Kanangaan sa dili pa i-deliver.

Gawas sa pananom og marijuana gikaintapan usab si Diwangan sa pagpamatay. Mokabat na sa walo ka tawo ang iyang gipatay nga wala gyud mahatagi og hustisya hangtod karon tungod sa kahadlok sa mga kadugo sa biktima pagtaho ngadto sa awtoridad. Sila mao si Ondoy Agay, Delfin Santos, usa ka ginganlag Pael, usa ka ginganlan Eskat, usa ka bata nga wala mailhi ug may lain pang tulo ka mga tawo nga wala makuha ang mga ngalan. Usa usab siya ka gikaintapang tulisan. Usa sa mga nabiktima niya sa pagtulis mao ang usa ka residente sa Cabanglasan kaniadtong 2004 nga naghangyo nga dili lang ipatik ang iyang ngalan.

Dugang sa iyang mga krimen mao ang pagpangawat og kahayupan sa katawhan sa duha ka mga lungsod sa San Fernando ug Cabanglasan. Ang mga biktima mao silang Guillermo Camanse sa tuig 1996 nga gikawatan og 4 ka kabaw ug 1 ka kabayo. Niadtong Agosto 2002, laing upat ka kabaw ug duha ka kabayo ang ilang gikawat sa Manggaod, Mandahikan, Cabanglasan; Sa Disyembre 2003 unom na usab ka mga kabaw ang ilang gikawat didto sa Iba, Cabanglasan nga gipanag-iya nilang Jose Silvino ug Rick Deles; sa tuig 2004, silang Dilbert Beltran, George nga taga-Anlogan, Rogelio Luceno ug Totong Agwas ang gikawatan usab; sa tuig 2005 usa ka ginganlag Tomas ang gikawatan sa iyang kabaw ug sa tuig 2006 si Rick Deles (kaduha siya kawati).

Tungod sa iyang koneksyon sa militar nagpabilin nga wala gyud madakop si Manpaanod Diwangan. Apan dunay lahi nga gobyerno nga tinuod gyud nga nagpakabana pagsulbad sa mga problema sa katawhan. Ug kini mao ang Rebolusyonaryong Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan pinaagi sa ilang Bagong Hukbong Bayan kun New People’s Army. Gani isip pagmatuod, sa milabayng katuigan mokabat na sa 10 ka mga kabaw ang nabalik sa NPA ngadto sa ilang mga tag-iya human kini mabawi gikan sa mga kawatan. Si Manpaanod Diwangan bisan kun dugay nang nahukman sa Hukumang Bayan karon lang gyud mahigayoni pagpakanaog sa silot kay idlas ug may mga armadong sakop kini siya.

Niini nagaawhag ang BHB ngadto sa mga wala pa o sa dunay intensyon sa paghimo og makadaot sa katawhang mga binuhatan nga dili gyud mosulay paghimo og dautan aron dili mahiagom sa walay pagpihig nga kamot sa rebolusyonaryong hustisya sa Hukumang Bayan sa Rebolusyonaryong Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan.

Bakak ug propaganda lang ang gipakaylap sa AFP-PNP nga ”kangaroo court” ang rebolusyonaryong hustisya tungod kay sa labing tinuod kini hinuon ang tinuod nga hukmanan nga dangpanan sa kabus nga katawhan. Wala kiniy pangayoong filing fee ug uban pang balayranan sa pagpasaka og kaso sukwahi sa reaksyonaryong korte nga sa pagpasaka pa lang ug sa abogado mahikawan na ang kabus nga katawhan tungod sa kataas sa mga balayranan. Busa makatarunganon lang nga didto sila modangop sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan aron kab-oton ang hustisyang dugay na kaayong gihikaw kanila. Ang mga datos boluntaryong gihatag sa katawhan ngadto sa mga kaubang naglihok sa dapit sukwahi sa reaksyonaryong korte nga ang mga testigos mahimong pagabayran ug paliton.

26. The CPP, the Filipino people and the Bangsamoro are one in denouncing the present rotten elections and aspiring for genuine elections. Communist Party of the Philippines. June 11, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines and the entire revolutionary movement under its leadership denounce the oppression, exploitation and abuses continually committed by the ruling elite against the Bangsamoro as well as the entire Filipino people. These have been brought to scandalous heights and have become the focus of national attention during the recent elections as systematized coercion, unbridled violence, widespread vote-buying, deprivation of the people’s right to vote, unmitigated cheating and manipulation of the vote count took the place of real elections in Moro areas.

Just as they did in 2004, this time again the Manila government and reactionary ruling clique of Gloria Arroyo have been the masterminds and chief operators of these acts of violence, manipulation and abuses that exploited and insulted the Bangsamoro with the collaboration of local feudal warlords. The Arroyo ruling clique has unabashedly been bragging about its “Mindanao command vote” that would deliver victory for it. Up to now, it is working double-time on this in a desperate effort to steal an additional Senate seat and sabotage the party-list elections.

Such violence, exploitation and abuses have been existing for more than a century against the Bangsamoro in particular and the entire Filipino people in general. For decade upon decade, politicos from the elite classes, vying for “swing votes” in their “solid” millions, pour into the Moro areas hundreds of millions of pesos stolen from the funds of the Manila government to bribe Comelec officials and military and police forces, fund local warlords and buy votes. Yet, after the elections are over and the elite politicos have taken their seats of power, the Moro areas are once again the most neglected and remain the poorest and most oppressed nationwide.

Apologists of the Arroyo ruling clique and their local collaborators go to the extent of explaining the “Mindanao magic”–the phenomenon of the local feudal warlords “dictating” 100% of the votes according to his favor–as a particular characteristic of the people in the Moro areas. This is a grave insult to the Bangsamoro and overlooks the whole system of national oppression, exploitation and abuse and the collaboration of the national ruling elite and the local feudal warlords behind this. It is part of a bigger socio-economic-political-cultural system existing nationwide that oppresses the the Bangsamoro and the entire Filipino people.

The CPP takes note of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s refusal to participate in the violent and fraudulent system of elections in the Moro areas. The CPP movement wholly agree with our revolutionary brothers and compatriots in the Moro areas that such a mockery of elections can never be the answer to the centuries-old socio-economic and political-cultural problems of the people–the Bangsamoro and the entire Filipino people.

The CPP, the Filipino people and the Bangsamoro are one in denouncing the present rotten elections and in aspiring for elections that are truly free and reflective of the people’s will. This can only be achieved once the existing exploitative, oppressive and abusive social system is overthrown and replaced with a revolutionary, liberated, genuinely democratic and pro-people system.

27. B/Gen. Holganza’s patented lies only underscore Oplan Bantay Laya II failures. Roel Agustin II, Conrado Heredia Command
Spokesman, Front 20 Operations Command, New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao.
June 09, 2007. The way B/Gen. Carlos Holganza of the 1001st Brigade-Philippine Army is fabricating a tale about last Thursday’s ambush staged by the Front Guerrilla Unit (FGU) of the Conrado Heredia Command of the New People’s Army against the 28th Infantry Battalion-AFP only shows that indeed, the AFP has claimed a patent on lying.

Notwithstanding the battlefield failures of it’s Oplan Bantay Laya II anti-people counterrevolutionary campaign, top AFP officers still has the audacity to fool the public by making false claims so as to conceal the wave upon wave of defeat they have suffered in the political and military battlefields. Suffice to say that in the aftermath of this recent NPA tactical offensive, B/Gen. Holganza was a pitiful sight when he lied through his teeth as he was saying a mouthful just to smokescreen the truth. Nearly a full 2 months after the daring disarming of the Davao Penal Colony armory, another smashing head blow was again delivered against B/Gen. Holganza’s troops, not to mention the several other tactical offensives launched by the NPA during this period.

Days before the successful ambush in Km. 56, Brgy. Rizal, Monkayo, Compostela Valley, the 28th IB-AFP was already conducting a military operation where various units of the AFP and the CAFGU were utilized. That a 56-man undersized company which formed part of several columns used in said military operation already in a full-offensive mode was hit and put in a defensive position through an NPA ambush tells us that AFP military superiority cannot stand up to and becomes ineffective in facing a revolutionary army engaged in guerrilla warfare in the framework of a protracted people’s war. More so that such a revolutionary army – supported and cherished by the oppressed and exploited people – has a wide and deep mass base. When a huge full-combat enemy column is enticed to go deep inside guerrilla territory where the physical and social terrain is favorable to the people’s army and allowed to be lulled by their numerical superiority – despite the animosity they get from the masses – , the factors that they shall be out-witted and out-maneuvered multiply several-fold.

Truth to tell, the ambush was a punishment on the 28th IB-AFP for rapidly rising to the level of the human rights and international humanitarian law notoriety of such criminal and barbaric AFP battalion as the 60th IB-AFP, to name one. The atrocities and abuses committed by the 28th IB-AFP against the people of Compostela Valley have piled up that the revolutionary masses have long clamored for a strong punishment on these real terrorists and criminals in uniform. At our own bidding, more shall be forthcoming.

In last Thursday’s (June 7) dawn ambush, the 28th IB-AFP suffered casualties more than B/Gen. Holganza is willing to disclose to the public. Accounts of eyewitnesses after the combat reveal that troop decimation have reached 15 dead as a result of the command-detonated explosive-triggered ambush. One CAFGU element was briefly taken as prisoner-of-war but was immediately released. This is nowhere near what B/Gen. Holganza describes as “over-running an NPA camp” nor a “military operation based on a tip by civilians”.

Finally, we take this occasion to publicly honor the revolutionary contributions of one Red fighter martyred and offer the four high-powered rifles (2 M14 and 2 M16) seized as a fitting tribute to his martyrdom.


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