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Press Releases by Phillippine revolutionary organizations from May 21-June 6, 2007
June 15, 2007, 10:48 am
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CPP denounces AFP psywar on “child soldier” in Quezon. — CPP-IB. June 6, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today dismissed as another “lying intrigue” claims of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that a 16-year old, purportedly a member of the New People’s Army (NPA), was supposedly captured in an armed encounter in Barangay Milawid, Panukalan, Quezon. At the same time, the CPP condemned the AFP for abusing children’s rights and exploiting children in its ‘counter-insurgency’ operations and psychological warfare.

In a statement made yesterday, Philippine Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Ernesto Torres said a 16-year old boy was arrested last Sunday morning after a 30-minute firefight between the Philippine Army’s 16th IB and an NPA unit.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal denounced the arrest and demanded the immediate release of the innocent boy. Rosal said that “The AFP has violated the child’s rights in arresting him and moreover in making him an object of psywar.”

The CPP spokesperson said that “Actual investigations into stories bandied about by the AFP regarding so-called ‘child soldiers’ have all been revealed to be mere concoctions by the AFP and have even backfired, exposing the malicious wrongdoings of the AFP’s own forces.”

Rosal urged organizations upholding human rights and children’s rights to again make a critical investigation into this latest claim, “just as they did in the case of nine-year old Grecil Buya, who was shot at close range by members of the 101st Infantry Brigade” in New Bataan, Compostela Valley last March 31.

In an effort to prove that Grecil was an “NPA child soldier,” the AFP even planted an M16 rifle beside her as they photographed her. Human rights watchdog groups and even the government’s Commision on Human Rights have found the AFP claim false. Grecil’s parents have filed charges against the AFP unit for the murder of their child.

Rosal also cited the case of a 16-year old pregnant girl and a 17-year old boy arrested in May 26 and 29 in Leyte who are still under military detention. Local NPA units have denied that the two are NPA members and the children’s parents and human rights organizations have demanded their release.

“There is clearly an AFP propaganda routine of coming up with fabricated reports about ‘NPA child soldiers’ to cover up their violations of international conventions on children’s rights and tarnish the reputation of the NPA as a champion of children’s rights,” said Rosal. “There are numerous cases where the AFP forcibly conscripts children and uses them as guides in their operations.”

CPP demands punishment of Grecil killers. –CPP-IB. June 1, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today demanded that the military unit responsible for the murder of an innocent child last March in Compostela Valley be punished severely for their crime.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal issued this call as the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) yesterday made public the much-belated report of Davao regional director Alberto Sipaco, contradicting earlier assertions by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that Grecil was a member of the New People’s Army (NPA).

The AFP insisted immediately after the killing of Grecil that the victim was a “child soldier” of the NPA. Second lieutenant Francis John Gabawa, who headed a platoon of the Philippine Army’s 101st IBde that killed Grecil filed an After-Encounter Report stating that she was an NPA rebel whowas “killed in action.”

In an effort to prove such claims, the AFP took pictures of the 9-year old girl’s body, placing beside it an M-16 rifle which was as long as the girl’s body, but according to the AFP was used by the child in the firefight. Barangay officials as well as Grecil’s parents, relatives, neighbors and schoolmates, however, strongly denied that she was an NPA fighter. Grecil had just finished 2nd grade in the local elementary school.

While welcoming the CHR’s conclusions belying the AFP’s claims that Grecil was an NPA fighter, Rosal took strong exception to the CHR’s statement that the child was killed in the crossfire in a “legitimate encounter” between the AFP and the NPA.

“The CHR’s statement completely ignored the earlier investigations showing traces of gunpowder burns around the entry wound indicating that she was shot at very close range.” Rosal cited the investigation by the Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns and its Mindanao affiliate Kabiba Alliance for Children’s Concerns which found Grecil suffering from two gunshot wounds–an earlier superficial and non-fatal wound at the elbow, followed by a second fatal wound that blasted off part of her head.

The CHR cannot deny the conclusion that the child was intentionally killed by the Army troops to finish her off, said Rosal. Grecil’s family filed murder charges against the 101st IBde, 2Lieutenant Gabawa and the 35th IB troops under his command for child’s killing.

Rosal also called for a more thorough, scientific and transparent investigation into the killing of Grecil. “We urge the UNICEF, as well as local and international child rights organizations to participate in joint investigations or carry out their own investigations to dig up the truth behind Grecil’s killing and allow justice its due course.”

The CPP spokesperson reiterated the CPP-NPA vow to punish the 101st IBde and its 35th IB for their “dastardly crime.”

Rosal invited the UNICEF and other international agencies as well as local human rights and children’s rights groups to participate in the investigation of these cases.

Philippine-Australia SOFA furthers foreign intervention, fascist terror under Arroyo regime. –CPP-IB. May 31, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today scored the Arroyo regime and the Australian government for entering into a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), saying this only furthers foreign military intervention in the Philippines, and also serves to boost the Arroyo regime’s fascist repression of the people.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal condemned the Arroyo regime for committing another act of treason by signing the new military treaty with Australia that would allow the entry and deployment of Australian troops in Philippine territory in violation of the national sovereignty of the Filipino people. This SOFA is similar to the Visiting Forces Agreement between the US and Philippine governments.

Rosal said that through the VFA with the US, the American military has been able to permanently deploy a significant number of combat troops, reconnaissance forces, intelligence operatives and other open and covert interventionist forces in Philippine territory. US forces in the Philippines have also maintained a practically permanent base of operations in Zamboanga City.

He added that the US also constantly sends transient forces that participate in Balikatan, Balance Piston, Piston Fusion and other joint military exercises to develop “inter-operability” between the US and Philippine armed forces, and also serve as cover for the permanently deployed US forces in the country.

Calling Australia the chief Asia-Pacific military partner of the US, Rosal said that Australia’s military outposts actually serve as satellite outposts of the US’ so-called global war of terror in the region. He cited Australia’s all-out support for the US’ interventionist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

Rosal said Australia uses as its mandate the Australia-New Zealand-United States (ANZUS) Security Treaty for “cooperation on defense and security concerns in the Asia-Pacific region” to act as a surrogate of US military might and the chief hatchet man of US superpower dominance in the region.

“With the Philippine-Australia SOFA, we can expect closer and more sinister coordination between US and Australian military troops in the Philippines in carrying out combat, reconnaissance, espionage and other military activities in violation of Philippine sovereignty,” said Rosal.

“In forging a military agreement with the repressive Arroyo regime, the Australian government and military are, in fact, helping reinforce the increasingly fascist rule of the widely detested Arroyo government,” added Rosal. “The terrorism of the Arroyo regime is further emboldened by VFA and SOFA treaties and the military intervention and hegemonic superpower support of the US and its regional junior partner Australia.”

Traitors-turned-mercenaries squabble over spoils of crimes–CPP. –CPP-IB. May 25, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said reports of accusations and counter-accusations of the warring leaders of the so-called Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Pilipinas (RPMP) and its military arm, which calls itself Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) have brought out in the open their rotten counterrevolutionary and antipeople crimes that the CPP has been charging them all along.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal said that “these traitorous grouplets expelled from the CPP in the early 1990s for criminal and antipeople activities have turned to destroying each other as they squabble for the spoils of their mercenary, thieving and fascist crimes.” According to Rosal, their leaders were among those who attempted to destroy the CPP by engaging in militarism, gangsterism, corruption, capitulationism and other counterrevolutionary deeds.

“They have attached the term “revolutionary” in their name only to deceive the people and conceal their true criminal nature,” said Rosal. “In reality, the RPMP and RPA-ABB are nothing but a small bandit gang engaged in banditry and other counter-revolutionary and anti-people crimes.”

The warring factions of the RPMP/RPA-ABB have accused each other of serving as guns-for-hire of warlord politicos and businessmen, engaging in violent criminal and antipeople operations and stealing from their group’s kitty and from the P500-million fund given by the government for their “livehood and reintegration programs.”

RPMP chairman Nilo de la Cruz announced the expulsion, “after eight months of investigation,” of three top leaders of his party, Stephen Paduano (alias Carapali Lualhati), Veronica Tabara (alias Inca, widow of Arturo Tabara) and Ariel Sabandar (alias Suk) for committing “atrocities against the people of Negros, perpetuating corruption, promoting vested interests, employing mercenary acts and gangsterism.” De la Cruz said Lualhati’s group was responsible for the assassination of several peasant leaders in Negros and other areas in Western Visayas, including leaders and members of the National Federation of Sugar Workers, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas and Task Force Mapalad, either on orders of the military or of sugar barons that paid them.

De la Cruz said that Lualhati’s group lately harassed voters in E.B. Magalona town on the eve of the elections and forcibly placed indelible ink on the fingers of supporters of Mayor Alfonso Gamboa in order to prevent them from voting.

Lualhati has thrown back the same accusations against De la Cruz, claiming that he only “usurped authority” and should be the one to be expelled. Lualhati revealed that de la Cruz had masterminded several violent mercenary operations in Luzon, including the burning of an ABS-CBN van, the attempted killing of then Batangas governor Armand Sanchez in June 1 last year, and the attempted killing for a fee of Go Ting Kok, president of the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association.

Rosal said that even as warring factions of the RPMP/RPA-ABB are now exposing and detroying each other, they should be denounced and punished for their grave and already too-numerous crimes against the revolutionary movement and the Filipino people.

NDF-EV condemns virtual martial rule in troop deployment to Tacloban City and military machinations in the election period. –NDF-EV. May 23, 2007.The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today condemned the virtual martial rule in the deployment by the 8th Infantry Division of soldiers to the northern barangays of Tacloban City and the outright role of the military in rigging the elections to favor the Arroyo regime. “The military psywar blabberers blatantly lie that the 8th ID is sending troops to the northern barangays of Tacloban City because of the alleged presence of the New People’s Army,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas. “What the military really aims after the elections is to forestall mass protests by heightening the psywar campaign against the people’s organizations and party-list groups, whom they frame as part of the NPA to justify attacking and killing off their leaders and members. In the elections, various reports from Samar and Leyte also describe soldiers as terrorizing the people against voting for the progressive party-list.

“But the people have democratically defied the military and the Arroyo regime in the elections: Despite the barefaced use of fraud and military terrorism against them, the progressive party-list groups are clearly headed for Congress. The people have spoken, but in retaliating by sending troops against them, the military goes on with its script of mayhem and murder.”

Fr. Salas also expressed scorn at the statements of the 19th IB’s Lt. Col. Lope Dagoy attempting to link legal progressive organizations to the NPA, as well as maligning the NPA for “extortion” in Leyte. “Lt. Col. Dagoy makes a mockery of due process and justice by using military fabrications and coerced witnesses to pave the way for the continuing harassment, intimidation and killing of members and leaders of legal progressive organizations. This is the same battalion commander whose impunity for extrajudicial killings is driven home in the massacre by his men of unarmed civilians in Palo in 2005, as well as in the summary executions of captured CPP-NPA cadres Bibiano Rentillosa and Antonio Ramos while in the custody of the 19th IB.

“Dagoy has the gall to accuse the NPA of “extorting” from six individuals and others in Ormoc City. Yet in the same breath he brazenly demands that in exchange for dropping the charges against them, that these six individuals and other wealthy personalities pay for and support the setting up of Cafgu paramilitary units. Who is now squeezing these persons, who is the real extortionist and a blackmailer to boot?”

The NDF-EV spokesperson called on the people to actively expose and oppose the state of virtual martial rule and the post-elections machinations of the military and the Arroyo regime to clamp down on mass protests. “The 2007 elections will go down as one of the bloodiest and dirtiest ever because the fate of the Arroyo regime is tied up with it. The people must remain firmly united, vigilant and militant against the continuing manipulation of the real election results to favor the regime, and to frustrate the regime’s use of the anti-terrorism law and the military and police against public outrage over yet another illegitimate electoral outcome. The protests against the violent and fraudulent elections will surely continue as part of the struggle to bring to account the corrupt, fascist and puppet regime. And as it has shown in the victorious May 13 tactical offensive in Northern Samar, the NPA will intensify offensives to promote the genuine alternative to the utterly rotten reactionary elections: revolution. #

Isabela polls highlight rottenness of Philippine elections–CPP. –CPP-IB, May 21, 2007. > The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said the dirty manuevers, manipulation, bribe-taking and political partisanship of election officials being carried out in broad daylight in Isabela are a microcosm of the rottenness of Philippine elections.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal scored the “dirty election maneuvers being carried by the Dy political warlord clan to frustrate the reelection of current provincial governor Grace Padaca and reinstall the defeated Dy regime.”

In 2004, Padaca beat then governor Faustino Dy, Jr., ending his clan’s several decades long tyrannical warlord rule. Padaca, a former radio commentator, has been known for her hard hitting crusades against rampant corruption, illegal gambling, brutalities and other anti-people crimes under the Dy regime.

In the last May 14 elections, the Dy clan fielded Benjamin Dy to contest the provincial governorship. After one week of canvassing, Padaca was determined to have won by a slim but clear margin over Dy. Just like in 2004, the Dy family’s political and legal machinery are frantically carrying out all possible forms of “legal” as well as blatantly dirty maneuvers, harassment and coercion to delay the canvassing and rig the results of the elections.

In a statement, NDF-Northeastern Luzon spokesperson Salvador del Pueblo said: “The impending proclamation of new politics icon Grace Padaca (who is) winning by a slim yet clear margin, is now at a standstill as there is a plot to deliberately delay and rig the results of Isabela polls in favor of the challenger, former governor Benjamin Dy.”

“We have sources inside the Comelec that, indeed, a plot to reinstall Dy as Isabela governor has been ordered by no less than Mrs. Gloria Arroyo herself. To ensure its implementation, (Comelec Chair Benjamin) Abalos had been paid P200 million,” del Pueblo said.

Rosal said the Isabela polls “reflect and highlight the rottenness to the core of the May 14 elections, worsened by the violence, bribery and rigging operations carried out by the Arroyo regime and its minions at the very top of the Comelec.”

“As in 2004, the ruling Arroyo clique has preserved itself in power through large-scale bribery and vote-buying using hundreds of billions of pesos of public funds, widespread cheating in collaboration with election officials at all levels, and the use of the military and police to harass and attack opposition candidates and progressive party-list groups,” added Rosal.

“Contrary to the Arroyo camp’s objective of welding itself in power through these means, they are all the more stoking the fires of the people’s anger against this despicable regime,” said Rosal.

NPA seizes at least 38 firearms in past two weeks – CPP report. –CPP-IB. May 21, 2007. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said that the New People’s Army (NPA) was able to seize at least 38 firearms from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP) and paramilitary groups from May 3-16. At least 28 of these are high-powered weapons, including an M-60 machine gun.

Responding to the CPP’s call to step up tactical offensives, seize weapons and intensify people’s war nationwide, the NPA launched more than a dozen tactical offensives in at least seven provinces in the last two weeks, according to a consolidated report published in the CPP’s fortnightly newspaper Ang Bayan. At least 31 enemy troops were killed in action and 37 wounded.

According to the CPP, these tactical offensives delivered “hurting blows to the hated, fraudulent and brutal US-Arroyo regime.”

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal said “these tactical offensives were carried out against the regime’s military and police forces most notorious for their fascist crimes against the people.”

Rosal exhorted NPA Red fighters to further intensify tactical offensives to punish the US-Arroyo regime and its armed forces “especially for the largescale fraud and brutal crimes they have committed against the people.”

He added that “The Filipino people are seething with anger against the rotten, cheating and brutal puppet regime of Gloria Arroyo. There is an urgent need to further step up the revolutionary armed struggle to deal further body and head blows against the Arroyo regime.”

“There should be no letup in the all-sided struggle against the Arroyo regime in order to further weaken it and hasten its fall,” said Rosal.

Landgrabber’s security guards disarmed by NPAs. –NDF-Negros. May 21, 2007. May 18. Evening. A team of the NPA disarmed the security guards of Tuguis Security Agency guarding a beach front property in Brgy. Ilean, Cauayan, Negros Occidental. Two pistols were confiscated. The said public land was landgrabbed by the Zayco family uprooting more than 30 families long residing ang making a living in the said area. The Zaycos are claiming the land in the name of eco-tourism development and have hired private security guards to drive away the residents. The local people have been demanding for the disarming of the security guards who were threatening and intimidating them. The NPAs acted on the demamd of the local people. (Reference: Miss Jolibelle Tubayalan/ Information Staff/ NDF-Negros Office/ Cel. No: 09187077409)

Mananquil continues to spread lies in a series of military losses. –NPA-Leonardo Panaligan Command. May 21, 2007. “In defeat and his so called “victory”, Col Jess Mananquil of the 11th IB PA is an outright liar,” said Ka JB Regalado, spokesperson of the Leonardo Panaligan Command.

“Last May 4, a unit of the NPA successfully disarmed without a shot a 4 man team of the military under the 11th IB PA in Brgy. Mamballo. Taken from the soldiers led by a certain M/Sgt Armando Sekuya were four M16 armalite rifles (one was an A2 model) and a .45 cal pistol. The said soldiers were looking for a “wanted person” and were very eager to get the reward money. Acting on a tip from an informer, they combed a shrubby area to look for the convict and were surprised to see am NPA unit instead. After being disarmed, two of the soldiers ran away while Sekuya and another was left behind and talked with the NPAs. They were released peacefully afterwards. This incident is disgraceful for Col. Mananquil and he never mentioned this in the media,” added Ka JB.

“To cover up for the AFP losses, a massive operation was launched by Col. Mananquil against the said unit of the NPA. May 5, 2pm a column of the military’s operating troops encountered a segment of the NPA unit resulting to the deaths of four soldiers and two wounded. No NPA fighter was killed or wounded. The incident is a big shame for Col. Mananquil and he strongly hide this from the media.”

“Extremely desperate, the military massacred mercilessly four civilians namely Bobby Quilo, Richard Sarillo, Benjamin Helongga and Rosemarie Vergara. Backpacks left behind by the withdrawing NPAs were intentionally placed by the military besides the corpses of Richard and Bobby. Benjamin Helongga was already 72 years old. Another civilian, Sotero Abordo, 72 years old died of heart attack during the massacre. Many more civilians were manhandled by the military. These crimes are “victories” for Col. Mananquil. Without shame he keeps spinning lies in the media about the incident.”

“Col. Mananquil can no longer distinguish the truth from the lies. He can’t determine between a shameless crime and dignity or honor in battle. This is a clear and conscious violation of the Comprehensive Agreement for the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL)”

“M/Sgt Sekuya fares better than him. He chose to surrender honorably rather than die to please corrupt and fascist generals like Gen. Esperon and the fake president and commander-in-chief Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.”

“To all the members of the military, PNP and CAFGUs, just surrender your firearms to the NPAs during encounters and you will not be harmed,” reiterated Ka JB Regalado. (Reference: Miss Jolibelle Tubayalan, Information Staff, NDF- Negros Office, Cel. No: 09187077409)


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